Retro Game Review: X-Wing

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Oh the hours of my life I lost playing you

Growing up, I collected those wonderful Micro Machines Action Fleet Star Wars toys. I had just about every model ship they put out, from the countless TIE Fighter permutations to the entire lineup of Rebellion starfighters. I even had Wedge Antilles’ battle damaged X-Wing, because at the age of eight, I didn’t want to be Luke Skywalker the Jedi Knight. I wanted to be Captain Antilles, starfighter jockey. It was the minor characters that fleshed out the Star Wars universe and created a feeling of adventuring grandeur in my mind. I used to spend hours every day with my Red Two X-Wing and Imperial TIE Fighter playing out the continuing adventures of Wedge Antilles in my head*.

*As you can imagine, the day I discovered the X-Wing novels by Michael Stackpole and Aaron Allston was a watershed day in my fandom life.

In my imagination, I was an orange-clad starfighter pilot. I burned a hole through my VHS copy of A New Hope and Return of the Jedi because I would watch, rewind, and re-watch the dogfight scenes.  The first legitimate fanfiction I ever wrote in any fandom were about the military pilots of the New Republic (ed. note: neeeeeeeeeerd).  Thankfully for eight-year-old me, my parents chose to foster my love of these minor characters and non-Jedi stories. Let me tell you about the best birthday ever. Okay, so I won’t actually bore you with the details. In brief, it was the one where I unwrapped a copy of Lucasarts’ X-WING.

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