The Robot Apocalypse – Phase 1 – Robonaut 2

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Greetings Dear Readers. Today for Science Tuesday on Roqoo Depot it is my awkwardly creepy distinction to inform you that NASA has fired up Robonaut 2, the first humanoid robot to get a mission in space.

"Oh no you did-n't?!?!"

This creepy fellow goes by the nickname (it hurts my soul to tell you this) R2. While it seems clear to the casual observer that this abomination of nature is one of the early steps toward a post apocalyptic future dominated by Cylon overlords, I thought we might get to know this remorseless monst er… marvel of modern technology as it is likely our descendants may well be of some use to Robonauts descendants as… I don’t know, human batteries or maybe breeding stock of some sort. Hmm… Anyway… Continue Reading The Robot Apocalypse – Phase 1 – Robonaut 2…

Happy Birthday, Ray Park

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Today Roqoo Depot wishes a happy birthday to actor Ray Park, most famously known to Star Wars fan as Darth Maul. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Ray took to martial arts at a very young age starting with Northern Shaolin Kung Fu on his father’s advice. Later in life, he went to college to be an electrician like his father, but left in his third year in order to go to World Wushu Championships in China. The decision won him two gold medals and one silver. Concentrating on his martial arts skills, he came in at fourth place at the Martial Arts World Championships in Malaysia in 1993. He also took time to teach gymnastics and martial arts classes to students in London. Continue Reading Happy Birthday, Ray Park…

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