New Excerpt From Michael A. Stackpole’s Perfectly Invisible

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Update: Chapter 3 is now available online for free.

UPDATE: Chapter 2 is now available.

Michael A. Stackpole’s upcoming novel Homeland Security Services: Perfectly Invisible is set in a brand new universe, and now you can get your first taste. Mike has posted Chapter 1 on his website Stormwolf. The novel is set in a fictional universe where the first attack on the World Trade Center was successful. In response the United States passed restrictive laws that forever changed the landscape and sets the story for Perfectly Invisible.

The novel is set to be released on October 1, 2011, so readers won’t have long to wait.

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New Crimson Empire III: Empire Lost Artwork

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Dark Horse has revealed some new artwork from the upcoming Crimson Empire III: Empire Lost. Two full color pages of gorgeous looking art…and droids have never looked so sexy. Click here to check them out.

Artist: Paul Gulacy, Colorist: Michael Bartolo

Combined with the previous 8 page preview we’ve seen, the coloring in Crimson Empire III is simply stunning, and the pencilling and inking is top notch. Remember, this is interior art, not cover art. This level of detail isn’t typical in most Star Wars comics. Crimson Empire III: Empire Lost #1 hits comic stands October 26th.

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Tags: , has unleashed a new feature that lets fans explore the worlds that will be featured in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The Galaxy Map includes five major sectors of the galaxy (Coreward Worlds, Distant Outer Rim, Hutt Space, Seat of the Empire, and Unknown Regions) with planet profiles and interactive starships. Notable worlds include: Hutta, Nar Shaddaa, Quesh, Voss, Belsavis, Hoth, Tatooine, Dromund Kaas, Korriban, Taris, Illum, Alderaan, Corellia, and Coruscant. Continue Reading Adds Interactive Galaxy Map…

Release Date Delayed for Star Wars: Darth Plagueis

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Star Wars Books has announced that the release date for James Luceno’s upcoming Star Wars novel Darth Plagueis will be delayed two weeks. Originally slated for a December release, it will not come out on January 10, 2012. You can see the official announcement here.

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Yahoo! TV interview with The Clone Wars‘s Matt Lanter

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Eric Shirey at Yahoo! TV took a moment to speak with The Clone Wars star Matt Lanter and season four of the television show. The interview focuses mostly on Lanter’s work as the voice actor for Anakin Skywalker with a few brief descriptions of what to expect in season four. It’s a nice little read, so if you’re a TCW fan, be sure to check it out. Click here to read the full interview.

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Mark Hamill Interview with The A.V. Club

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Tags: , , conducted a very nice interview with Star Wars actor Mark Hamill which they posted yesterday. The interview was done at San Diego Comic Con 2011 with Todd VanDerWerff. They cover a range of topics including the film he directed Comic Book: The Movie and the difficulties he had in shooting footage while surrounded by fans. They also cover Mark’s upcoming movie Sushi Girl which will be out next year. In Mark’s own words he gets to play a “such a lowlife scumbag, and so perverse.” The role gave him a lot of freedom from who he is in reality, and it sounded like he enjoyed it a lot. Plus relates his experience with Sam Fuller in The Big Red One, a classic war film.

Aside from the movies, Mark talked about working with Jack Elam and Gary Busey in the television show The Texas Wheelers. There’s also a Dark Horse comic book he co-wrote with Eric Johnson that follows a masked vigilante and illustrates why Batman wouldn’t work in the real world, “it’s much more Fargo than it is Batman And Robin.” The comic book, The Black Pearl, actually started out as a screenplay (that Mark and Eric wrote), and now that screenplay might become a movie.

And of course they cover The Joker and Star Wars. You can read the full interview here.

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Paul S. Kemp Interview, Excerpt, and More

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This week‘s Susan J. Morris posted a very nice interview with author Paul S. Kemp. The interview focused on anti-heroes and Kemp’s use of them in his novels. Questions and comments ranged from his Forgotten Realms work with Erevis Cale to his more recent Star Wars novel Deceived and Darth Malgus. Lots of great aspects covered including writing villains and lots of info on writing the anti-hero. You can read the article here.

In other news, Paul recently posted an excerpt from his upcoming Forgotten Realms book Godborn, the latest edition to his Erevis Cale novels. Godborn won’t be out until November next year so if you haven’t read any of the Erevis Cale novels there is still plenty of time to catch up. You can read the excerpt here.

Wrapping things up, Paul also chimed in with another great dose of humor on his website. No drunk Tweeting, but he does wax poetic about Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos, publishing, the Kindle Fire, and some humorous references to Lord of the Rings. Read it here and don’t miss out on the fun.

And don’t forget, Kemp’s Star Wars book Riptide comes out October 25 in both paperback and digital formats.

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Shadow Games Mini-excerpt #3

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Star Wars Books has released mini-excerpt #3 for the upcoming Star Wars novel Shadow Games by Michael Reaves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff.

Dash folded his arms. “It’s time to come clean, little miss Star Bright. It’s not that this guy likes you too much—it’s that this guy really doesn’t like you. And I’m not real happy myself,” he added. “I don’t like flying backward and blind through an asteroid field, I don’t like facing a rancor with one hand tied behind me, and I don’t like this.”

Shadow Games comes out November 29 in paperback and digital formats.

Mini-excerpt #2
Mini-excerpt #1

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Greg Keyes New Book Lord of Souls

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UPDATE: Nearly missed this – Suvudu also posted a 50 page excerpt from Greg Keyes latest novel which you can read here.

Greg Keyes has a new book out this week called Lord of Souls and it’s out now. Many Star Wars fans will remember Greg Keyes contribution to the NJO era with his three books Conquest, Rebirth, and The Final Prophecy. Lord of Souls is his second Elder Scrolls novel taking place 40 years after the Oblivion crisis and centers around the floating city of Umbriel and it’s undead army. As part of their Take Five promotion series, Suvudu asked Mr. Keyes to share five facts about his latest novel.

When playing Oblivion as research for this book, I was really taken with the city of Anvil. I’m not sure why – it just felt like home.

Be sure to head over to Suvudu to read all five of the interesting facts, including his inspiration for Umriel, tips for poisoning someone, his biggest difficulty with the series, and a rare Southeast Asian fruit that made it into the novel.

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Comic Notes for Knight Errant: Deluge #2 now up

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John Jackson Miller has posted his production notes for Knight Errant: Deluge #2 on his website Faraway Press. As always, I highly recommend checking out John’s production notes as they reveal very insightful information about his work and sometimes just plain fun trivia. You can read the notes here. Don’t miss out.

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