Max Reebo’s Pick of the Week: “Remember to Breathe”

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This week’s pick is “Remember to Breathe” by Sturgill Simpson.

Sturgill Simpson has been around for awhile, but when I first heard him he was doing some serious country music. With his latest album, Sound & Fury, his diverged to something very different but equally impressive. It’s a great album and worth checking out.

If you’ve got Netflix, they actually did a sort of anime movie to the whole album. It’s the same name as the album so just look up Sound & Fury. The anime portions are really good. Bit violent and such, so not kid friendly.

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New Releases: ‘The High Republic #5’ & ‘Star Wars #14’

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Two new Star Wars comic releases today.

Star Wars Adventures: The High Republic #5

Writer: Daniel Jose Older, Artist/Cover Artist: Harvey Tolibao

The Nihil have launched an attack on Burundang. The Republic sends Yoda and his Padawan learners, along with other Republic and Jedi ships, to try to stop them from escaping. Zeen and Lula pursue Krix, hoping for a final confrontation between the two friends.

Details: $3.99

Star Wars #14

Writer: Charles Soule, Artist: Ramon Rosanas, Cover Artist: Carlo Pagulayan, Variant Covers: Stephen Byrne (Pride Cover), John Tyler Christopher (Action Figure Variant), Chris Sprouse (Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary)

WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS TIE-IN! The REBELS finally have a lead on the location of HAN SOLO! It’s time to save the captain of the MILLENNIUM FALCON from his frozen carbonite tomb! A general, a Jedi and a Wookiee will mount a desperate rescue mission… But they have no idea what actually awaits them.

Details: 32 Pages, Rated T, $3.99

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Book Review: ‘Kahless’ by Michael Jan Friedman

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Star Trek: The Next Generation: Kahless, is a standalone novel by Michael Jan Friedman which was released in July of 1996.

For the last several months I’ve been focusing on big series such as the Destiny Trilogy, the Fall series, and the Prey trilogy. I thought it might be worth picking up a standalone and that’s exactly what I got in Kahless. However, reading this book made me realize why I appreciate reading series so much. 

This book is essentially two stories in one book that alternate back and forth. The main story in the modern age focuses on Kahless the Clone and his goals to unmask a plot to assassinate Gowron, the current leader of the Klingons. Kahless is joined by his friends Captain Jean Luc Picard and Worf, son of Mogh, as well as some other important characters. This feels like a standard Star Trek political thriller story, albeit a very small one. This plotline was somewhat predictable, but it allows the reader to learn about Klingon culture by visiting with various Klingons. All too often, stories focus on Worf or other main Klingons who just provide exposition about Klingons, but we rarely get to just spend time in the Klingon culture. I really enjoyed this aspect of the story.

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New Release: ‘War of the Bounty Hunters #1’

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One new Star Wars release today from Marvel.

War of the Bounty Hunters #1 (of 5)

Writer: Charles Soule, Artist: Luke Ross, Cover Artist: Steve McNiven

THE HUNT BEGINS! Nobody. Steals. From BOBA FETT! The notorious bounty hunter will not stop until he gets what’s rightfully his. For the thief, no corner of the galaxy is safe. Good thing for them that the REBEL ALLIANCE, THE EMPIRE and every bounty hunter in the galaxy is standing in Boba’s way. With a last-page reveal that will blow this Death Star-sized story wide open, Issue #1 is just the beginning. The biggest crossover in STAR WARS history will continue raging through the pages of the WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS event miniseries and tie-in to STAR WARS, DOCTOR APHRA, DARTH VADER and BOUNTY HUNTERS through October. Only one hunter will be left standing, and the STAR WARS galaxy will never be the same!

Details: 40 pages, Rated T, $4.99

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This Week in Star Wars…

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New episode of This Week in Star Wars

And a new episode of The Star Wars Show

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New Releases: ‘The Weapon of a Jedi #1’, ‘Darth Vader #12’ & ‘Doctor Aphra #10’

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Three new Star Wars comic releases this week.

Star Wars Adventures: The Weapon of a Jedi #1 (of 2)

Writers: Jason Fry, and Alec Worley, Artist: Ruairi Coleman

The Rebel Alliance has destroyed the Empire’s dreaded Death Star, but the Imperial starfleet continues hunting the rebels throughout the galaxy. Luke Skywalker now seeks to support the Rebellion as an X-wing fighter. But as he flies with the pilots of the Red Squadron, Luke feels stirrings of the Force. And this farm boy turned fighter pilot begins to suspect that his destiny lies along a different path.

Details: $5.99

Darth Vader #12

Writer: Greg Pak, Artist: Guiu Vilanova, Cover Artist: Aaron Kuder

PRELUDE TO WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS: “RESTORATION”. Returned to the fold after his rebellion against the EMPEROR, DARTH VADER faces the horrors of reconstruction in the secret laboratories of CORUSCANT. As he blacks out under the knife, does he still dream of revenge against his master? Or do his thoughts drift towards his son – and the friends who make LUKE SKYWALKER so vulnerable? Don’t miss this next critical new chapter in Vader’s ongoing evolution – featuring the revelation of the first time the Dark Lord learned the name HAN SOLO!

Details: Rated T, $3.99

Doctor Aphra #10

Writer: Alyssa Wong, Artist: Ray-Anthony Height, Cover Artist: Sway

PRELUDE TO WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS: “THE INVITATION”. DOCTOR APHRA and SANA STARROS find themselves cornered by VUKORAH and the UNBROKEN CLAN! Can they pull off a daring escape–even if that means surrendering the NIHIL HYPERDRIVE? And what sets them on a collision course with one of the most deadly BOUNTY HUNTERS in the galaxy?

Details: Rated T, $3.99

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Book Review: ‘The Hall of Heroes’

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Star Trek Prey: The Hall of Heroes is the third and final book in the epic crossover trilogy by John Jackson Miller, which was released in November of 2016.

John Jackson Miller is the master of promises and payoffs. No matter what the project, you always know what you are getting and you always get what you’re promised. This trilogy promised to be an epic Klingon “opera”, filled with intrigue, action, character development, and more reveals than you can shake a bat’leth at. You get all of that and more in this exciting conclusion.

I remembered the events of this book the least of the trilogy while I was rereading it, and so there were several moments where I was yet again pleasantly surprised. You know that John Jackson Miller does not indiscriminately kill off characters like David Mack, and yet he is still able to add enough suspense to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. I certainly was. This book has tons of action, perhaps even more than the first two books do, and it manages to never feel dull or repetitive.

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This Week in Star Wars…

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New Release: ‘Bounty Hunters #12’

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One new Star Wars comic out this week.

Bounty Hunters #12
Writer: Ethan Sacks, Artist: Paolo Villanelli, Cover Artist: Mattia De Iulis
PRELUDE TO  WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS: “THE THREAT IN THE SHADOWS”. As VALANCE and his reluctant partner DENGAR race to intercept BOBA FETT and his precious cargo, who are the deadly pursuers that are after them? A dark secret from Valance’s past connection to HAN SOLO may get him killed all these years later. But who is the mysterious leader of an assassination squad that is driving Valance into a life-and-death confrontation with his old friend?
Details: Rated T, $3.99

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This Week in Star Wars…

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