Update: It’s Rancor Time!

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Update: IGN has posted more details, skip to the bottom to see the run down.

I’ve always wanted to stomp around as a rancor and eat helpless individuals as they tried in vain to escape my massive. taloned claws…well Kinect Star Wars is going to make that a reality. According to Game Informer, Kinect Star Wars will feature several opportunities to roam around as a rancor with a limited amount of time to cause as much destruction as possible. You can pound the ground to knock down building and can grab people for a quick treat or a convenient smashball. There gameplay experience reports some issues with movement recognition, but they also mentioned promises of other species of rancors to be included in the game, including flying rancors.

Rancor smash!

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Tsunami Causes Massive Destruction In Antarctica

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Today, for Science Tuesday on Roqoo Depot, I submit for your approval a short video from NASA.gov that shows the effect the March earthquake and subsequent tsunami had on the Antarctic ice shelf. In the time-lapsed narrated footage you see a chunk of ice roughly the size of Manhattan Island break away and float out to sea. It staggers the imagination how powerful that wave must have been to not only do the damage it did to the Japanese coastline but to a continent on the bottom of the world so many thousands of miles away as well.

It is a short video. Only a minute thirty seven. Watch in awe as I did.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic at Gamescon 2011

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Gamescon 2011 is today and things have already started with the Electronic Arts press conference which featured BioWare and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Darth Hater has some good coverage of the event including a video of the Star Wars: The Old Republic demo as seen at the press conference.

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‘Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare’ Update

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Star Wars Books posted an update on The Essential Guide to Warfare this morning. The release date is getting bumped back to May 22, 2012 (it’s was slated for release on March 20, 2012). Star Wars Books also posted a sketch by Tommy Lee Edwards in order to give us something to look forward to.

Other artists who will contribute art for the book include: Paul Youll, Dave Seeley, Stephan Martinere, John Van Fleet, Doug Wheatley, Drew Baker, Bruno Werneck, Chris Scalf, Jason Palmer, Ansel Hsiao, Ian Fullwood, Darren Tan, and some new maps by Modi (the artist who did the maps for the Star Wars: The Essential Atlas). The Essential Guide to Warfare will be written by Jason Fry and published by Del Rey.

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The Clone Wars Season 4 coming September 16

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TheForce.net has announced that The Clone Wars Season 4 will kick off September 16 on Cartoon Network:

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (8 p.m. ET/PT) – “Water War” and “Gungan Attack” – In the first two episodes of this three-part story arc, the inhabitants of the watery world of Mon Calamari find themselves on the brink of a civil war. The Jedi soon realize they will need the help of a powerful and amphibious ally to stop the war and drive out the Separatist invaders.

They also posted the following new trailer for TCW Season 4:

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Star Wars vs. Marvel

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What if Darth Maul had to fight Wolverine? Could Iron Man beat Han Solo? Well over on IGN they’ve asked this monumental question and to help illustrate the battle, they’ve got artist Jonathan Moore to bring the battles to life. All this week they’ll be unveiling new art, so be sure to check back with them to see what’s new.

Marvel tastes good! Yub nub!

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