Real Life Parenting Tips Courtesy of Star Wars

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Vader fatherhoodOver on HuffPost Jay Sokol has a tongue-in-cheek but nonetheless true list of parent lessons he’s learned from Star Wars.  As Jay says, you can learn from even the worst deadbeat dad ever.  For example:

Had Vader been a stronger communicator with better grasp of his emotions, he might have been able to convince his son to join him in the family business. Does it matter that said business was less than legit? Not really, after all, family is family.

Click on the link to read all five of the tips Jay’s learned from a galaxy far far away.

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Josh Trank to Direct ‘Star Wars’ Stand-Alone Film

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urlWhile it was recently reported by that Gareth Edwards, director of the recent hit Godzilla, will be helming a Star Wars stand-alone movie, it has now been reported that he will be joined in the Star Wars universe by Chronicle’s Josh Trank. Currently directing Fox’s reboot to The Fantastic Four, Trank will helm a second Star Wars movie.

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‘Star Wars #1’ Free Digital Copies

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Dark Horse Comics announced that the first three issues of the new Star Wars comic series will include coupons for free digital copies. A nice little bonus for anyone who plans on buying the print copies. On one hand it helps introduced readers to Dark Horse Digital, and for hardcore collectors who want to keep their #1’s in pristine condition, you won’t have to buy another issue in order to have a reading copy.

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Happy Birthday, Steve Perry

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Steve Perry created the iconic Dash Rendar when he penned his first Star Wars novel, Shadows of the Empire.  He’s also collaborated with Michael Reaves on the Medstar Duology  and Death Star as well as novels for Aliens, Predator, Indiana Jones, Conan, and Tom Clancy’s Net Force.  That’s just a short list of what Perry has written.  You can check out his work on his own website, Steve Perry.

Roqoo Depot wishes Steve Perry a happy 65th and many more to come.

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Monday Funny: The Real Galactic Threat

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Thanks to Secularish

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Monday Funny: Return of the Jedi, One Minute Galactica Style

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If you’ve ever questioned our taste in humor, question no more.  With this video we’re proving how bad it is.  FYI: this video is hilarious.

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MTFBWY, George…Always

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Strong in the Force this one is.  Roqoo Depot wishes George Lucas a very happy 68th birthday…and many more to come.

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Star Wars Day Challenge: #LeiasLeftLeg

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If you’re a regular on the internet, you might remember Angelina Jolie ‘photobombing’ (or legbombing) the internet with #AngiesRightLeg – i.e. the right leg that she displayed so flamboyantly at the 2012 Oscars. Well, in honor of May the 4th, aka ‘Star Wars Day’, Roqoo Depot has decided to pay homage to this newly found tradition of ‘legbombing’ and to keep it going – with one of the most prominent legs in Sci-Fi history: Princess Leia in her Slave costume. Yes, you read right. We want to see who can work the best Photoshop magic and humorously insert Princess Leia’s Left Leg into random (or not so random) pictures. Why the left leg, you ask? Using the photo on the left for reference, we have determined that Leia prefers to display her left leg, over the right. Not mention how #LeiasLeftLeg also makes for one epic alliteration.

So, start your pod engines and race to Photoshop, #LeiasLeftLeg will be photo/legbombing the internet in no time!

To submit your entry, please tweet it to us @roqoodepot, post it on our facebook page or leave a link in the comments to either a post on your blog or a direct image link!

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Lego Star Wars Barrel Organ

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Just when you think you’ve seen everything Star Wars that Lego can do, they top themselves (and just about everyone else).  I don’t know how they even got inspired to create a barrel organ that plays themes from Star Wars, but it’s pretty brilliant.  Check out the video below to see just how they manage to make it all work.

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How to Celebrate ‘Star Wars Day’ at the Last-minute!

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It’s getting closer to the end of the week (thank goodness) and for Star Wars fans everywhere this is a very exciting time. This Friday, May 4, is what many have deemed international ‘Star Wars Day!’ Why May 4? Because what better way to pay homage to George Lucas’ continuously growing franchise than to say ‘May the fourth be with you!’

If you’re like me, than Star Wars Day is a date that just happens to creep up on you every year. With April finally coming to a close, and the spring weather finally rearing it’s head, it’s not always easy to remember May 4. Lucky for you, I have put together some tips, tricks and ideas on how to celebrate Star Wars Day, no matter if you remember on May 3, or the day of! Continue Reading How to Celebrate ‘Star Wars Day’ at the Last-minute!…

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