Fourth Mini Excerpt for Star Wars: Riptide

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Can’t get enough Riptide? Jonesing for another dose of Kemp? Well Star Wars Books has just what you need with the fourth mini excerpt form Paul S. Kemp’s Star Wars: Riptide

STAR WARS: RIPTIDE mini excerpt #4 (ES):
“Jaden, Master Kenobi started my training in the cargo bay of the Millennium Falcon. Did you know that?”
“I did.”
“The Force calls each of us differently. For you, it was enrollment at the Jedi Academy. For Marr . . .”
Jaden grinned as he eyed the worn bulkheads of Junker. “. . . it’ll start as it did for you. In the belly of a freighter.”

Riptide will be out October 25 in paperback and eBook formats.

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Comic Review: Invasion – Revelations #2

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Invasion continues with Revelations #2 and the action really jumps up a level as The Heart of Artorias takes on a planet full of vile Imperials. The violence that ensues would make a Vong proud, and artist Colin Wilson delivers with some nice art of the Imperials…be they alive or dead. Click here to read the full review with some mild spoilers.

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Why are you Playing a Girl? Figuring out Why I Play as FemShep

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Temper, temper.


I hate it when people watch me game over my shoulder. Growing up, my dad had this annoying habit of standing right behind me when I was twenty hours into a forty-hour RPG. He’d pepper me with questions about the plot, the characters, and the inevitable “can you shoot/maim/wound your teammates?” He always had an odd obsession with friendly fire, don’t ask me why. Inevitably I’d have to try and summarize all those hours worth of gameplay into a fifteen-second bullet point synopsis. Then I’d have to point out that, no, I can’t attack my teammates, the gameplay mechanics doesn’t allow for it.

Those questions paled in comparison to the awkwardness of one I would get whenever I played a game that allowed me to customize aspects about the player character: Why are you playing a girl?

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Happy Birthday, Elaine Cunningham

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Today Roqoo Depot wishes author Elaine Cunningham a happy birthday. Elaine is the author of the New Jedi Order novel Dark Journey, as well as two Star Wars short stories: Red Sky, Blue Flame, and The Apprentice. Aside from Star Wars Elaine has written dozens of fantasy novels, many in the Forgotten Realms setting.

Elaine got her start in writing by answering an ad in the back of a Writers Digest magazine for Forgotten Realms. In order to familiarize herself with the setting, she poured over all the novels and games. Two books in particular really caught her interest: R.A. Salvatore’s The Crystal Shard, and Jeff Grubb and Kate Novak’s Azure Bonds. All of it led to her first published novel, Elfshadow. Since then most of her novels have been in licensed settings, but recently she has begun a series of “e-riginal” fantasy novellas entitled the Tales of Sevrin. The series starts with Honor Among Thieves and will continue with Honor Bound, and Word of Honor.

You can find out more about Elaine Cunningham by visiting her website, Facebook page, or by following her on Twitter.

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