Review of The Clone Wars Shadow Conspiracy Arc

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The team behind The Clone Wars have been eagerly anticipating the airing of the Shadow Conspiracy arc. Season five opened with the first episode of the arc, “Revival”, thus kicking fans right back into the Maul action where season four left off. Followed by “Eminence”, “Shades of Reason”, and “The Lawless”, it’s been one action packed roller coaster of drama and death. With some of the most epic duels yet, the Shadow Conspiracy arc has certainly raised the bar on expectations. Continue Reading Review of The Clone Wars Shadow Conspiracy Arc…

IGN Interview with Dave Filoni

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IGN posted an interview with The Clone Wars director Dave Filoni covering the thrilling conclusion of the Shadow Conspiracy arc. Fair warning, the interview includes major spoilers for the arc.

IGN TV: The season premiere was originally part of this arc before being moved up, which meant Adi Gallia’s death would have been part of it too. So at what point did this become the massive death arc?

Dave Filoni: That’s a really good question. It just seemed to evolve by the episode. There was a sensibility by this point, oddly, that we needed to deal with some of these characters that we’d put in motion that don’t show up later in the films…

Click here to read the full interview.

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Book Review: ‘The Titan of Twilight’ by Troy Denning

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Finishing off my review of The Twilight Giants trilogy by Troy Denning is The Titan of Twilight. If you’re a Denning fan and like fantasy stories, this is definitely a series worth checking out. The third novel does not disappoint. Click here to read our full review.

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Eye on the Sky: When The Stars Stopped

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Whenever you wonder what all that money spent on NASA amounted to, just remember Hubble. It never ceases to provide a wealth of wonderful imagery, and a reminder of just how big existence is.

“The galaxy in this image, catalogued as 2MASX J09442693+0429569, marks a transitional phase in this process as young, star-forming galaxies settle to become massive, red and dead galaxies.

The galaxy has tail-like features extending from it, typical of a galaxy that has recently undergone a merger. Studying the properties of the light from this galaxy, astronomers see no sign of ongoing star formation; in other words, the merger triggered an event which has used up all the gas. However, the observations suggest that star formation was strong until the very recent past, and has ceased only within the last billion years. This image therefore shows a snapshot of the moment star formation stopped forever in a galaxy.”

(via NASA)

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Paul S. Kemp Audiobooks

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Tags: , , , , , , , , has uploaded some new Paul S. Kemp Forgotten Realms novels including: Resurrection, Realms of War, Twilight Falling, Midnight’s Mask, Shadowbred, Shadowstorm, and Shadowrealm. If you like audiobooks, you can find them all here.

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