Dark Horse to Adapt Lucas’s Original Concepts

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darkhorse_logo_1_Dark Horse announced at WonderCon that they will be producing an 8 issue series based on George Lucas’s original Star Wars concepts.  The comic will be titled The Star Wars (not to be confused with the Brian Wood’s series, Star Wars).  The comic will feature General Anakin Starkiller — not a Sith – as well as and old general, Luke Skywalker.

Jonathan Rinzler will write and Mike Mayhew will be the artist.

(via John Jackson Miller and Bleeding Cool)

UPDATE: Here’s the official press release from Dark Horse Comics…


George Lucas’s original-draft screenplay for The Star Wars to be adapted by J. W. Rinzler and Mike Mayhew!

APRIL 1, MILWAUKIE, OR–It’s no April Fools’ prank! Dark Horse is honored to announce a dream project: working with J.W. Rinzler, executive editor at LucasBooks, and artist Mike Mayhew (Avengers) to adapt the rough-draft original screenplay which spawned the biggest franchise in film history!

Three years before his 1977 film, George Lucas put down on paper his first story set in a galaxy far, far away—a tale of fantastic adventures, daring escapes, “lazer swords,” romance, and monsters. A story of Jedi Annikin Starkiller and General Luke Skywalker, an alien named Han Solo, and evil Sith Knights. The screenplay was titled The Star Wars!

“I’m not sure where I first read about The Star Wars—it was years and years ago—but the idea of Luke Skywalker being an older Jedi General, and Han Solo being a six-foot-tall lizard, turned my Star Wars fan brain on its side,” said longtime Star Wars editor Randy Stradley. “I always assumed this would be one of those stories that would be ‘lost to history,’ so getting to work on bringing it to life is kinda like a dream come true.”

“While researching in the Lucasfilm Archives I’ve found many treasures—but one which truly astounded me was George’s rough draft for The Star Wars. His first complete imaginings were hallucinating to read—mind blowing,” said writer J.W. Rinzler. “While working with George on another book project, I once asked if we could adapt his rough draft. He was hesitant. Years later, with Dark Horse’s invaluable help, we showed him a few drawn and colored pages of what it might look like. He gave us the okay.”

Originally conceived in 1974, The Star Wars has been the subject of rumor and legend in the fan community throughout the history of the galaxy far, far away. Now, Lucas has seen fit to grant Dark Horse the right to adapt this fabled story into an eight-issue comic series launching in September!

Here’s a look at the interior art…

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Comic Review: ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us #3’

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In Injustice: Gods Among Us #3, Wonder Woman takes center stage as she rallies the Justice League in defense of Superman. Humor, action, drama, this issue has it all. Click here to check out our full review.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

The Best Authors in One Book

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Unfettered is one step closer to completion now that all of the short stories have been submitted. The fantasy anthology features a huge list of talented authors including Terry Brooks, Patrick Rothfuss, Daniel Abraham, Peter V. Brett, R.A. Salvatore, Kevin Hearne and more. Right now they’re aiming for a May release so keep your eyes open for updates.

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Around the Web

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Course of the Force details have been released for this year’s lightsaber relay along the California coast. Registration is also open if you plan on participating. The relay will start at Skywalker Ranch and end at San Diego Comic Con.

Star Wars Book Worms has a new episode out interviewing video game and comic writer Alexander Freed. Also in interview news, SciFiNow spoke with actor Ian McDiarmid discussing the possibility of more Palpatine.

Walking Dead fans can look forward to an impressive body count in this weekend’s season finale. According to the show’s star, Andrew Lincoln (aka Rick), “Twenty-seven people die. It’s safe to say it is all hands to pumps. It’s a crazy season finale.” Continue Reading Around the Web…

Our Interview with Star Wars Author Carolyn Golledge

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Continuing our focus on Star Wars short stories, we reached out to short story writer Carolyn Golledge who wrote for the Star Wars Adventure Journal. It was a time before the prequels, one filled with wild adventures and colorful characters. We discussed Carolyn’s time with West End Games, her two short stories “Firepower” and “Desperate Measures”, touched upon fanfiction and also covered her new project Sunweavers. Click here to read the full interview.

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WonderCon 2013

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WonderCon kicks off today in Anaheim, CA. Star Wars guests in attendance include Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Dan Parsons (inker for Dawn of the Jedi), Jason Palmer (illustrator for The Essential Guide to Warfare), Carlos D’Anda (artists for Star Wars), Gabe Eltaeb (colorist for Star Wars), Corinna Bechko (writer for Legacy), Gabriel Hardman (writer/artist for Legacy) and Randy Stradley. You can check out WonderCon’s official site here. Below you’ll find Dark Horse Comic’s list of Star Wars signings and panels.


  • 5:00 p.m. STAR WARS: DAWN OF THE JEDI signing with inker Dan Parsons. Free Dawn of the Jedi #1 while supplies last


  • 3:00 p.m. STAR WARS signing with artist Carlos D’Anda and colorist Gabe Eltaeb. Free 5.5” x 8.5” print featuring a dramatic panel by Carlos D’Anda and Gabe Eltaeb from the upcoming Star Wars #4 issue. TICKETED EVENT


  • 12:00 p.m. STAR WARS: DARK TIMES signing with writer Randy Stradley. Free Star Wars: Dark Times—Fire Carrier #1
  • 2:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m. Star Wars Comics in 2013! Room 207 BCD
  • 3:30 p.m. STAR WARS: LEGACY VOLUME II signing with writer/artist Gabriel Hardman and writer Corinna Bechko. TICKETED EVENT * Limit five comics per person
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Excerpt for ‘Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void’

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Random House has released an excerpt of chapter one from Tim Lebbon’s upcoming hardcover Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void. You can read it here.

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Live Twitter Chat with Bechko, Hardman & Wood

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Dark Horse Comics will be doing a live Twitter chat with Star Wars comic writers Corinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman and Brian Wood next Friday at 1:00 PM Pacific. Be sure to use the hashtag #SWComicsChat.

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‘A Discourse in Steel’ Gets A Cover

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A Discourse in Steel now has a cover! This is the sequel to Paul S. Kemp’s The Hammer and the Blade, an original fantasy series with hilarious and compelling characters. Really great dialog in the first book, and I’m definitely looking forward to this one. You can pre-order your copy here.

Egil and Nix have retired, as they always said they would. No, really—they have! No more sword and hammer-play for them! But when two recent acquaintances come calling for help, our hapless heroes find themselves up against the might of the entire Thieves Guild. And when kidnapping the leader of the most powerful guild in the land seems like the best course of action, you know you’re in over your head….

A Discourse in Steel will be out on June 25 in paperback and digital formats.

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Bombad Radio Interviews Tom Kane of TCW

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Bombad Radio did a nice podcast interview with The Clone Wars voice actor Tom Kane who voices Yoda, Admiral Yularen and does the narration. Tom revealed some pretty interesting things about Yoda, like a Yoda arc for The Clone Wars Season 6 which managed to get George Lucas to reveal a tiny bit of the backstory for the mysterious Jedi master as well as shedding some light on communing with Qui-Gon. Tom did mention that there might be a chance that they’ll finish that arc for a bonus content release, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed as it sounded like a really awesome episode arc. Click here to listen to the full interview. Note it kicks in pretty fast after a little news and introductory matter from the hosts.

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