Movie Review: ‘Lawless’

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When I saw the movie trailer for Lawless a couple weeks ago, I was intrigued. I’m a sucker for a good gangster movie. This one promised Prohibition era gunplay, Gary Oldman, and Tom Hardy (Commissioner Gordan and Bane respectively). The cinematography looked attractive, and I thought it had a good chance of being good.

It turned out Lawless was great. Set during the Prohibition era, it was a tale about three brothers and their life of moonshining in rural Virginia. When living on the gray side of the law, things can go bad. But beyond that slippery slope, the story also presents a message about life. Rather than just pumping out an action movie, Lawless delivered a lot more, especially when it came to the characters.

The film stars Shia LeBeouf and Tom Hardy. Shia’s character is the main focus, but Tom Hardy’s character is so impressive that it feels just as significant. Whether playing a moonshiner from the hills or the malevolent Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy has shown that he has some great acting skills. Shia did a good job too, and the rest of the cast was perfect. Guy Pearce plays an absolutely despicable bad guy. Gary Oldman plays a cool gangster. Jason Clarke plays brother to Tom Hardy and Shia LeBeouf’s characters, leaving Jessica Chastain, Dane DeHaan, and Mia Wasikowska to fill out the rest of the notable cast.

The development of the characters was excellent. Where Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman fit effortlessly into their roles with instant likeability, other like Shia and Dane DeHaan grow on you. It present a nice balance. There are characters you care about and can’t stand to get hurt, while others you can’t wait for them to get what’s coming to them. The film did a great job of manipulating emotions and keeping the viewer entrenched in the story.

With a great cast, great scenery, and entertaining story, Lawless is one of those films that could easily slip by under the radar. If you’re looking for a film that tells a great story without pummeling you with special effects and over the top action, then this is the one to see. I give it five out of five metal bikinis.

Review By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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