Darth Maul Returns to Target

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Target will be selling an exclusive Darth Maul Returns DVD on September 11 featuring an 88 minute director’s cut of the last four episodes of The Clone Wars Season 4. The director’s cut edits the four episodes together into one feature length presentation. Here’s a link to Target’s product page for the DVD.

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IGN Interview with Seth Green and Matt Senreich

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IGN posted an interview with Star Wars: Detours‘ creators Seth Green and Matt Senreich.

Luke was conspicuous by his absence in the footage I saw at your first panel at Star Wars Celebration.

Senreich: Oh, he’ll be there.

Green: Oh yeah, but Luke is a teenager that lives in the desert with his f**king uncle. [Laughs] He’s not the coolest kid on the block.

Senreich: Yeah, we talked about it on our Saturday panel [Editor’s Note: There were two panels for Detours at SWCVI – one Friday, one Saturday]. He’s the guy who Obi-Wan is constantly trying to go see and teach that he has the universe to help save, and every time he tries to go there… Well, maybe that wasn’t the first time Obi-Wan had attempted to get to Luke.

Green: That’s our thought, is that Obi-Wan never knew what the correct timing was to approach that sort of prophecy in the desert. So each time, he attempts it and it goes horribly awry. He’s just like [waving hand as if using the Force], “None of this ever happened.” And Luke starts overtime developing real gaps in his memory, and he wakes up in places and doesn’t understand why his clothes are askew. “What happened here?”

Click here to read the full interview.

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Utini Shout Outs!

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And our shout outs this week go to…

Dark Empire Radio for posting the audio from the Star Wars Fan Groups United panel hosted by Daniel Logan at Star Wars Celebration VI.

Star Wars In Character for posting the audio for the Star Wars Obscure Character Face-off panel at Star Wars Celebration VI.

FANgirlblog for posting a very nice recap of Ryder Windham’s Secrets of the Chiss Jedi panel from Star Wars Celebration VI.

Lightsaber Rattling for tons of speculation on The Clone Wars Season 5.

TheForce.Net for a first look at Purge: Tyrant’s Fist #1.

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CVI Interview with James Luceno

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It’s Friday, how about another Star Wars author interview? You know him from his work on Darth Plagueis, The Unifying Force, Millennium Falcon, and many other novels. We present our Star Wars Celebration VI interview with James Luceno. We covered Plagueis, Sith, writing, and the possibility of future novels. Enjoy!

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