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Today NASA honored Neil Armstrong at the National Cathedral, and the first man on the moon was remembered for his “Courage, Grace and Humility”.  Armstrong’s fellow Apollo 11 crewmates, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin attended, as well as the first American to orbit the earth, John Glenn.  Fellow Apollo program astronaut and the last man to walk on the moon, Gene Cernan, paid tribute to Neil Armstrong.  Cernan’s tribute included the following:

“He knew who he was and he understood the immensity of what he had done. Yet Neil was always willing to give of himself,” said Cernan, who told of trips that he, Armstrong and Apollo 13 commander Jim Lovell made to visit troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“Those young men and women, who had yet to be born when Neil walked on the moon, greeted him with enthusiasm,” said Cernan. “They asked him, ‘Why are you here?’ Neil’s honest and thoughtful reply was, ‘Because you are here’.”

For more coverage of the Memorial to Armstrong continue reading here on the NASA website.

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‘Star Wars: The Essential Reader’s Companion’ Preview

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Random House has a 28 preview of the upcoming Star Wars: The Essential Reader’s Companion available online. Just click on the image on their product page to check it out.

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‘Carniepunk’ featuring Kevin Hearne

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Upcoming Star Wars author Kevin Hearne posted on his Facebook page about a new non-Star Wars project. The upcoming anthology Carniepunk will feature a short story by him called “The Demon Barker of Wheat Street.” According to Kevin, his story will take place just a couple weeks after the events of “Two Ravens and One Crow.”

The anthology will also feature authors Rachel Caine, Jennifer Estep, Seanan McGuire, Rob Thurman, Delilah Dawson, Kelly Gay, Mark Henry, Hillary Jacques, Jackie Kessler, Kelly Meding, Allison Pang, Nicole Peeler and Jaye Wells

Carniepunk will be out in August 2013.

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Star Wars Wildlife by Andrea Mutti

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Comic artist Andrea Mutti recently did the Knight of the Old Republic: War mini-series and is currently doing Lost Tribe of the Sith: Spiral. For attentive fans, you may have noticed a common theme in Andrea’s work: wildlife. Every now and then a strange looking lizard or rodent will show up in a panel. There will sometimes be as many as five bizarre looking creatures in one issue. Being a fan of strange looking animals, I decided to compile a gallery of the ones we’ve seen so far.

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