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A thousand year old religious icon, a Nazi SS expedition into Tibet, and a meteorite. Sounds like the latest installment in the Indiana Jones franchise, right? You aren’t far off. A small Buddhist statue, originally uncovered by a Nazi expedition to Tibet, has been analyzed by scientists and found to have been carved from a meteorite fragment.  From Red Orbit

Sounds like a Lucas fan’s dream story, right?  It’s true which makes it even more amazing.  Back in 1938, a Nazi led expedition discovered the statue and brought it back to Germany.  In 2007 it was finally available for study and that’s when scientist learned it was chiseled from a piece of the Chinga meteorite (it’s made of ataxite).  The Chinga meteorite crashed into parts of Mongolia and Siberia 15,000 years ago. Continue Reading Big Bang Science News…

Plagueis and C’Baoth invade Topps

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Star Wars artist Joe Corroney showed off some of his latest work for Topps new Star Wars Galactic Trading Files series.

Continue Reading Plagueis and C’Baoth invade Topps…

Zahn Shares His Favorite Reading Moments

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Author Timothy Zahn shares some of his favorite reading moments on The Official Star Wars Blog. Feel free to weigh in with your favorite moments in the comment section.

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io9 Previews ‘The Essential Reader’s Companion’

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Can’t wait for Star Wars: The Essential Reader’s Companion? Well io9 has some previews of the artwork you might enjoy. Click here to check them out.

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Con Roundup

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Bunch of convention news for this weekend. First up, Fantasycon 2012 kicks off today in Brighton, England. The con will run from September 27th to 30th and future Star Wars author Tim Lebbon will be there. You can check out his con schedule here and you can find all the details for Fantasycon here.

Tomorrow Pandoracon kicks off in Cincinnati, OH and runs from the 28th to 30th. Star Wars artist Jeff Carlisle will be there as a guest of honor.

The Mid-Ohio Comic Con will also start up tomorrow in Columbus, OH and will run till Sunday. Jedi Knights of Columbus, Mandalorian Mercs, Ohio 501st Legion, Great Lakes Base of the Rebel Legion, and the Ohio Star Wars Collector’s Club will all be there.

Saturday the Las Vegas Comic Expo will begin and will run all weekend. In attendance will be Star Wars comic artist Stephane Roux, Tim Bradstreet, Adam Hughes, Drew Edward Johnson, Andrew Pepoy, and artists Ian McCaig, Allison Sohn, and Cat Staggs.

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Movie Review: ‘Dredd’

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Dredd is nearing it’s second weekend in the box offices and with such a poor opening weekend, people may be wondering whether it’s worth seeing or not. The short answer is: maybe. Continue Reading Movie Review: ‘Dredd’…

Travis Heermann Interview with James Kahn

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Travis Heermann posted an interesting interview with author James Kahn. For Star Wars fans, James Kahn is the author of the Return of the Jedi novelization. Yet in his 30 year career, he has covered a lot of ground, most of which the interview touches upon. From his brush with life as a mountain man, to his work with films, there’s a wide array of questions and answers that shed light on things I knew nothing about. My favorite reply was regarding E.T.

TH: What is the most memorable moment (good, bad, or other) you have had in your life as an artist?

JK: Probably when Kathleen Kennedy called the ER where I was working and asked if anybody there could help her figure out how to resuscitate an alien. Several of us went down to the set of E.T.[: the Extraterrestrial], wrote the med tech dialogue and donned hazmat suits in the E.T. death scene, which led to me getting the assignment to novelize Poltergeist. I’d call that first phone call a memorable moment.

Click here to read the full interview. According to James, his new re-release of World Enough, And Time should have a special sale going on today via Amazon, though as of this posting it was still listed as $7.99 for the eBook version.

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