Star Wars Celebration VI: Why We Love the Prequels Panel

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One of the panels I missed at Star Wars Celebration VI was the ‘Why We Love the Prequels’ panel. Fortunately Eric Gellar has posted the hour long panel on Youtube for all to enjoy. Panel features Eric Geller, Kyle Newman (Fanboys director), Clare Grant (The Clone Wars voice actress), Tom Hodges (Star Wars artist), Jesse Hildreth (Lucasfilm Animation lighting specialist), Bryan Young (BigShinyRobot editor), Pablo Hidalgo.

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Stan Lee’s Comikaze

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So the con season may be basically winding down, but how can you not (if you’re in the LA area) grab at the chance to take in the legendary Stan Lee?  Join the fun this weekend, September 15 and 16 at the Los Angeles Convention center.  To learn more about Comikaze, check out their website.

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Happy Birthday, Michael Reaves

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Today author Michael Reaves turns 62.  Michael is a prolific author who has written many media tie-in books, among them several Star Wars novels, short stories, children’s books and both live action and animated TV scripts.  Micheal Reaves was awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Writing in an Animated Program for Batman: the Animated Series.

His latest novel for Star Wars was Shadow Games, co-authored with Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff.

You can find Michael Reaves on his blog, Parkinson’s Monster where he not only blogs about his work, but chronicles his fight with Parkinson’s Disease.

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Utini Shout Outs!

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And our shout outs this week go out to…

Fandom Comics for their awesome Star Wars giveaway that includes signed collectibles, pictures, and a copy of the Del Rey Star Wars Sampler.

Jedi News for their interview with audiobook voice actor Marc Thompson.

EUCantina for their videos of THE Essential Panel and the Timothy Zahn Retrospective Panel at Star Wars Celebration VI.

Dave Dorman who still has a few Star Wars Celebration VI prints available for sale.

Sideshow Collectibles who unveiled their Gamorrean executioner Lomrokk the other day.

Retroblasting who posted a humorous review of Kenner’s vintage Jabba the Hutt, Max Reebo band, and rancor.

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Fictional Frontiers Interview with Aaron Allston

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Suvudu has posted a 15 minute audio interview with Star Wars author Aaron Allston on Fictional Frontiers. The interview covers Wedge Antilles, Wraith Squadron, and Aaron’s latest book, X-Wing: Mercy Kill. Click here to listen.

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Conspiracy Report: Borsk Fey’lya, Back From the Dead

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A little Ewok whispered in my ear that there was a hidden face on the cover of Crucible. At first, I didn’t believe it. Rumor had it that there was a image of Ben or a veiled woman in the upper left hand corner. So I pulled up the picture and took a look. I couldn’t see any face there no matter how hard I tried. Dejected, I pulled back my focus and glanced over at the other corner…and there I spied a face. Yet it wasn’t Ben, and it wasn’t a veiled woman. The face I spied was Borsk Fey’lya.
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Roqoo Depot Interview with John Jackson Miller at CVI

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One of my favorite interviews at Star Wars Celebration VI was with author and comic writer John Jackson Miller. We covered his comics and books, Sith, possibilities for the future, and a whole lot more.

Link to John Jackson Miller’s website:

This marks our last interview from Star Wars Celebration VI. If you missed any, you can catch them all on our Youtube page along with some of the panels we recorded there. We hope you enjoyed our coverage of the event and we want to thank everyone for their support.

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