TV Review: Revolution

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Revolution: dystopian future without power and a whole lot of bad guys, or this show could use a little steampunk.

I’m only sort of joking here because right after the power went out (all power everywhere) and we fast-forwarded 15 years, I was wondering why everyone everywhere seems to have forgotten that steam is a viable source of power. I was also marveling over the fact that even in a dystopian future apparently teenage girls can still get designer jeans. And very fancy crossbows. They must have stopped at a Cabela’s on their way to ruralville. Also, while I’m no quantum physics theorist, I still think “quantum physics went insane” is a very slim explanation for what went wrong. With all that said, I was still interested enough to give the show an entire hour’s worth of attention. Continue Reading TV Review: Revolution…

Eye on the Sky: Italian Boot

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The International Space Station captured this night image of Europe on Aug. 18, 2012 while flying 240 miles above the Mediterranean Sea.

Image credit: NASA

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