‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Season 5 Debut

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In case you missed it, you can catch Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5 “Revival” on StarWars.com.

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Goodreads Star Wars Reads Panel

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Goodreads is hosting a Star Wars Reads panel on October 5, the day before Star Wars Reads Day. The panel will be a day long discussion involving authors and writers Jason Fry, Ryder Windham, Randy Stradley, Tom Angleberger, Chris Alexander, Matthew Reinhart, Jeffrey Brown, and Timothy Zahn. The discussion is open to everyone. If you’d like to join in, head on over to their site and join the group.

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IGN Interviews Sam Witwer

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IGN posted an interview with The Clone Wars voice actor Sam Witwer covering Darth Maul and it had some interesting answers from Sam.

And even there, [Palpatine’s] willing to trade up.

SW: That’s the thing, the ultimate apprentice — the one that he’s really looking for — is Luke Skywalker, and ironically enough, that’s the one that does him in by not becoming his apprentice. But that’s the whole thing. The Emperor is constantly looking for the replacement. And Darth Maul perhaps invents in the Emperor’s mind this idea that you can recycle these guys, that if you think they’re killed, maybe they’re not. Maybe there’s something more you can do with them. He certainly recycles Anakin when he’s been burned down, and it’s very possible that this whole thing with Darth Maul puts those ideas in his head. It’s like, “Oh, perhaps I underestimated these people. Maybe you can use them for something even after they’ve been disfigured.”

Click here to read the full interview.

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FANgirl Interviews Pablo Hidalgo

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FANgirl Blog posted a nice interview with Star Wars: The Essential Reader’s Companion author Pablo Hidalgo that includes a couple of the art pieces and some cool insight into the book.

You sprinkled many interesting out-of-universe nuggets throughout the entries. Was most of this information you already knew from your time at Lucasfilm? Or did you reach out to the authors and editors for their insight and archived files?

PH: A lot of the insights came from the Lucas Books editors, because they had a much bigger view of the publishing program as a whole. I looked at a lot of correspondence and notes from story conferences – in some cases, these have been printed out and have been kept in binders here at Lucasfilm. These offered a lot of interesting insights from the writers as they were writing. Leland Chee has kept extensive records of story development as part of his role as Keeper of the Holocron.  And yes, I had a fair amount of firsthand experience based on my time here since 2000.

Click here to check it out.

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Utini Shout Outs

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J K Rowling: for floating the idea that she’d like to do a director’s cut on two of her Harry Potter books.

“There were a couple of the Potters and I definitely knew that they needed another year,” Rowling told the BBC arts editor Will Compertz. Her last Potter novel, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, came out in 2007.  “I had to write on the run and there were times when it was really tough.  “And I read them, and I think ‘Oh God, maybe I’ll go back and do a director’s cut,’ I don’t know.  There were a couple of the Potters and I definitely knew that they needed another year.”

You can catch a video of J K Rowling on BBC News.

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Surprise Correspondent Patrick Stewart

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In case you missed it, Patrick Stewart teamed up this week with John Stewart on The Daily Show to mock the NFL referees lockout.

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