An AC/DC Additon to Star Wars Titles

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Del Rey recently revealed that Martha Wells’ upcoming Leia novel will be called Razor’s Edge. This will be the first novel in what was previously referred to as the Rebels trilogy but is now being called the Empire and Rebellion trilogy. Regardless, there are still two more books set to come out and two more titles yet to be revealed. This raises the question: what will they be called?

One assumption would be more razor titles. Han, being a gambler, might be entitled to Razor’s Luck. Or, being a bit of a ladies man, the Han book might be called Razor’s Kiss. Luke, on the other hand, might get something like Rebel Razor. But honestly, two more razor titles wouldn’t be all that fun. What we really want is more AC/DC titles.

When I first read that the Leia book would be called Razor’s Edge, I immediately thought of the AC/DC album of the same name. Could there be any better combination than Star Wars and AC/DC? I think not. Anyone who thinks otherwise should spend a few minutes imagining a band of Ewoks on stage rocking out to “Thunderstruck.” I hope you remembered the funny cap for the Ewok on vocals.

Brian “Ewok” Johnson

It is in my mind a no brainer that the next two books in the Empire and Rebellion series should also have AC/DC themed titles. And there are no shortage of great titles. First off, how about…

Highway to Hantooine, Some Luke for Nuthin’, Got You by the Rebels

Stiff Upper Luke, Vader Walks, Hard as a Rebel…

It’s a Long Way to the Top if you Want to Rebel, Put the Blaster on You, Ain’t No Fun Waiting Round to Be a Rebel…

Rebel On, Love Hungry Han, Hoth Ain’t a Bad Place to Be…

Let There Be Rebellion, Inject the Force, For Those About to Rebel

She’s Got Rebels, Night of the Lightsabers, Credits Talk…

Rebels For Hire, Bedlam in Bespin, Shake Your Rebellion

Playing With Imps, Hoth or High Water, That’s the Way I Wanna Han Solo…

In fact, the whole Back in Black album would work.

1. Rebel Bells
2. Shoot to Rebel
3. What Do You Do for Credits Princess
4. Givin’ the Imp a Rebel
5. Let Me Put My Rebel Into You
6. Rebel in Red
7. You Rebel Me All Night Long
8. Have a Rebel on Me
9. Shake a Wookiee

Now some of this will depend on the time placement of the books. The Han novel can’t be called Hoth Ain’t A Bad Place to Be if it doesn’t take place around Empire Strikes Back. However, the sheer potential is definitely there and I can’t see them not taking advantage of this great opportunity. If Iron Man 2 can cash in on AC/DC, why not Star Wars?

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