An AC/DC Additon to Star Wars Titles

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Del Rey recently revealed that Martha Wells’ upcoming Leia novel will be called Razor’s Edge. This will be the first novel in what was previously referred to as the Rebels trilogy but is now being called the Empire and Rebellion trilogy. Regardless, there are still two more books set to come out and two more titles yet to be revealed. This raises the question: what will they be called? Continue Reading An AC/DC Additon to Star Wars Titles…

Ewok Fantasies: Star Wars Short Story Anthologies

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There are a lot of ideas for new Star Wars books, but one thing Star Wars readers have been asking for is more short story anthologies. With the success of John Jackson Miller’s Lost Tribe of the Sith: The Collected Stories, the continuing output of short stories in Star Wars Insider, and Del Rey’s suggestion of doing more eBook stories, it makes sense to bring back the format. Short stories are a great way to introduce new readers by giving them a variety of exposure to what the Star Wars Expanded Universe has to offer. But that does leave one question: what anthologies would fans want to see?

Running with that idea, we take a look at the Star Wars Expanded Universe and the short story anthologies we’d love—in our wildest Ewok fantasies—to see. Continue Reading Ewok Fantasies: Star Wars Short Story Anthologies…

Ewok Fantasies: There Can Be Only One

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There’s been a lot of discussion about who should direct Star Wars Episodes VII, VIII, and IX. Some have proposed Joss Whedon for his work on the The Avengers. Others have suggested Jon Favreau for his work on the Iron Man series. According to the rumor mill, Matthew Vaughn (director of Layer Cake, Stardust, Kick-Ass, and X-Men: First Class) is up for the spot. However there is one name that makes more sense than all the rest: Christopher Nolan. Continue Reading Ewok Fantasies: There Can Be Only One…

Ewok Fantasies: Book Bundling

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It’s time for another journey into Ewok Fantasies, this time down the road of the publishing industry. Right now bundling is still a popular fad among utility companies. Many households save money by taking advantage of bundling services to save money or for just added convenience. You can get your phone, internet and satellite/cable all bundled together for one low, monthly price. But what would happen if the publishing industry bundled eBooks and print books together? Continue Reading Ewok Fantasies: Book Bundling…

Ewok Fantasies: Streen ‘o Streen, Where Have You Been?

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This week Ewok Fantasies takes a look at one of my own delusional fan fantasies: a Streen series. With the new focus on standalones, duologies, and trilogies, it’s a perfect time to break out good old Streen. Recent books have certainly taken the time to spotlight certain underutilized characters. Fans received a Dash Rendar novel in the way of Shadow Games. Paul S. Kemp has given us no less than two Jaden Korr novels with Crosscurrent and Riptide. Plus Del Rey has shown that the past is still fair game with novels like Scourge and Mercy Kill (which has several flashback chapters). So why not carry the trend forward for Streen? Continue Reading Ewok Fantasies: Streen ‘o Streen, Where Have You Been?…

Ewok Fantasies: Saluting Sith Sinks Ships

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As Star Wars fans, we all have our own delusional fantasies about Star Wars. Mine typically involve Ewoks. Starting this week I’m launching a new column entitled Ewok Fantasies that will take a closer look at crazy ideas from Star Wars fandom. To kick things off, I’m going to look at at the officer material of the Sith and their outstanding qualities as commanders. Continue Reading Ewok Fantasies: Saluting Sith Sinks Ships…

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