First Stark Trek Into Darkness Clip

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(via The Mary Sue)

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An AC/DC Additon to Star Wars Titles

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Del Rey recently revealed that Martha Wells’ upcoming Leia novel will be called Razor’s Edge. This will be the first novel in what was previously referred to as the Rebels trilogy but is now being called the Empire and Rebellion trilogy. Regardless, there are still two more books set to come out and two more titles yet to be revealed. This raises the question: what will they be called? Continue Reading An AC/DC Additon to Star Wars Titles…

New Star Wars Project for Joe Corroney

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Star Wars artist Joe Corroney teased fans on his Facebook page about a new Star Wars project. It looks like we should be expecting Nexu…will that include Allana as well?

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Queen Amidala Visits Asgard

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Thor 2Newly released image from Thor The Dark World

(via Den of Geek)

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‘The Clone Wars: Episode Guide’ Update

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When initially announced, The Clone Wars: Episode Guide was going to have the first 100 episodes, however now it will have all 108 episodes from all five seasons. This is good news for fans and obviously it makes a lot of sense. Written by Jason Fry, you can look forward to this hardcover which hits stores June 3rd. Pre-orders are up on Amazon at a pretty cheap price, too.

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Kathleen Kennedy To Head Disney?

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DisneyBecause our friends over at Jedi News get up way earlier than we do, they spotted an interesting nugget in Variety first.  While the body of the article is about about Bob Iger’s legacy and Disney layoffs and profits, here’s the speculation you’re looking for.

Many expect theme park and resorts chief Thomas Staggs to land the CEO role, although there are rumblings that Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy also may now be in the running.

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Monday Funny: Rage Of Thrones. Hilarious But Definitely NSFW

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(via GeekTyrant and The Axis of Awesome)

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