Did Chewie Sleep with Leia?

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Jimmy Kimmel sets up a rocky reunion with Han and Chewie as Harrison Ford answers some crowd questions. This one’s worth a laugh.

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Rinzler, Wallace & Brown Virtual Chat

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Chronicle Books is going to have a virtual chat hosted by J.W. Rinzler with Star Wars authors Daniel Wallace (Book of Sith) and Jeffrey Brown (Vader’s Little Princess). The chat is going to take place Wednesday May 1st at 3:00 PM EST on the Star Wars Blog and Chronicle Books Blog. There is also an opportunity to get a signed copy of one of the books if you submit a question in the comments. You can find all the details here.

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‘Book of Sith’ Interview with Daniel Wallace

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Suvudu has posted an interview with Book of Sith author Daniel Wallace that’s worth a look.

After writing this book, do you have a favorite Sith Lord?

Daniel Wallace: The in-universe writers of Book of Sith are the ancient sorceress Sorzus Syn, the battlefield tactician Darth Malgus, the stoic warrior Darth Bane, the wicked shaman Mother Talzin, the mad scientist Darth Plagueis, and Emperor Palpatine himself. I needed to find a distinct voice for each one of these authors, and the one I got the most kick out of writing was Plagueis. He’s a Sith Lord dedicated to the pursuit of science, and it was a lot of fun to explore how much of the Force is knowable and how much lies in the realm of mysticism and the supernatural.

Click here to check out the full interview.

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Bonnie Burton on May the 4th

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Bonnie Burton did a nice video asking people about the Star Wars holiday May The 4th Be With You. It’s worth a watch.

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Star Wars For Summers to Come

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Hollywood.com posted some news from Las Vegas CinemaCon that Disney has announced that Star Wars Episode VII will release in the summer of 2015 with a movie following every summer.

“…every summer starting in 2015 will mark the release of a new Star Wars movie, kicking off with J.J. Abrams’ first installment in the new trilogy, Star Wars: Episode VII. Intertwining the chapters of the sequel trilogy, moviegoers will see the previously announced standalone films as upcoming summer releases.”

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Overdraft: The Orion Offensive – “Golden Handshake”

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Overdraft: The Orion Offensive – Episode 2 “Golden Handshake” continues the fun and adventure as Surge Sigma team runs into the hostile, xenophobic Xylanders. Plus, we finally find out what that alien on the cover is. Click here to read our full review.

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