Well, Look Who’s On The Cover Of Time

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TIME-JENNIFER-LAWRENCEJennifer Lawrence, that’s who.  She graces the cover of Time’s 100 Most Influential People annual list.  Time doesn’t rank its list, but the cover pretty much speaks for itself don’t you think?  We couldn’t agree more with Time’s choice.

(via EW)

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New Excerpt for ‘Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void’

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Star Wars Books has posted a new mini-excerpt for Tim Lebbon’s upcoming Star Wars novel Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void.

“The Je’daii say, ‘There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.’ But they are ignorant of your lives, your struggles, and their superiority blinds them. They say, ‘There is no fear; there is power.’ Yet in their power they are smug. And I will make them fear me.” —Despot Queen Hadiya, 10,658 TYA

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Star Wars Episode VII: The Gauntlet of Infinity

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So Patton Oswalt owned the internet this week with his eight minute Star Wars filibuster, but now it has a poster!

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Around the Web

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In the headlines this week, there’s a new petition out there against Disney, but hey, this time it’s not by Star Wars fans. It would seem there are some questionable Avengers shirts being merchandised towards boys and girls. The boy’s shirts proclaim “Be a hero” while the girl’s shirts say “I need a hero.” You can catch the full story here on The Daily Dot.

Comic writer Tom Taylor has made Amazon’s Top 100 Authors List with the smashing success of his Injustice: Gods Among Us comic for DC Comics. Is it really that good? Why yes it is. Congratulations to Tom for earning a bit of well deserved success. Continue Reading Around the Web…

StarFest 2013

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StarFest kicks off today in Denver, CO and will include several Star Wars guests including authors Timothy Zahn and Christie Golden, and actor Deep Roy who played Droopy McCool, an unnamed Ewok and even R2-D2. You can check out all the details here.

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Happy Birthday, Hayden Christensen

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Today we wish a happy birthday to Hayden Christensen. May the Force be with him!

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