Jedi Journals Interviews Randy Stradley

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Jedi Journals April podcast include some really cool stuff including a very nice interview with Dark Horse Comics editor and writer Randy Stradley. Randy mentioned that artist Doug Wheatley is currently finishing off issue #2 of Dark Times: A Spark Remains. He also touched on the recently announced The Star Wars. I thought it was cool to heard that George Lucas is giving the okay on the costume designs for the characters. In less exciting news regarding Agent of the Empire, “there are no plans for anymore.”

In better news, Randy said that while Dark Horse has no plans to reveal when their contract with Star Wars ends, they do have comics planned will into 2014. Randy also talked about how he got started in comics with the original Marvel Star Wars series, and his use of pseudonames over the years. It’s definitely worth listening to (the interview starts at 00:13:50 if you want to skip right to it).

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‘Star Wars 1313’ Would’ve Starred Boba Fett

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Let’s pour some salt on the wound while it’s fresh. When Star Wars 1313 was demoed, the creators made a subtle note about the player character only being a placeholder as they didn’t want to reveal who the main character was going to be yet. The logical choice seemed like Fett, and it turns out that’s exactly who it was. According to Kotaku, Boba Fett was chosen to be the star by none other than George Lucas himself. Here’s a sample of the concept art.

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Get An Early Copy of ‘Hunted’ By Kevin Hearne

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HuntedIf you’re a fan of the Iron Druid, Atticus O’Sullivan, here’s your chance to get an early copy.  You’ll need to be in the vicinity of  Phoenix on June 23 so you can make your way to Nando’s Hideaway in Mesa, Arizona.  Del Rey has approved this special pre-release event, but you will be limited to how many copies you can go home with.

For more information as well as information on Kevin’s Hunted book tour, visit his site, Writer’s Grove.

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Catching Fire Teaser Teaser

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You can catch a first look at Catching Fire April 14 on the MTV Movie Awards.  If you just can’t wait until then, here’s a teaser teaser.

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First Look: Vader’s Little Princess

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Vader's little princessThe Official Site has a first look video of Vader’s Little Princess by Jeffrey Brown.  VLP is a follow up to Brown’s funny and popular book, Vader and Son.

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