Stradley and Richardson talk ‘The Star Wars’

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A while ago J.W. Rinzler mentioned that Entertainment Weekly would have a special Star Wars article coming soon. Well EW has finally delivered with some coverage of The Star Wars. The article shows off some new artwork and includes an interview with Dark Horse’s top management, Randy Stradley and Mike Richardson.

What was the approach as far as the creative team and the design work for the project?

Randy Stradley: We did a lot of searching to find somebody who was right for this and, almost by accident, I stumbled across samples from an artist named Mike Mayhew — he’s no relation to Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca by the way. But it just looked right. George really has an affinity toward classic-looking comic books; he’s a big fan of Jack Kirby and stuff from the 1960s and Mike’s drawings and storytelling approach is reminiscent of that, even though the style is very modern. It’s been a nice combination and so far George has liked what he’s seen, so we’re excited. The entire weight of designing this new universe won’t fall on Mike Mayhew’s shoulders; I’ve also enlisted an army of comic and storyboard artists that’s designing vehicles and characters and locations.

Click here to read the full article.

UPDATE: Please note that the interview above has been brought into question due to responses from Randy Stradley himself who has stated that the answers in the interview are not completely accurate and do not fully represent the opinions of him and Mike Richardson.

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