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Here is this week’s Around the Web news roundup of Star Wars and beyond.

Books News

  • CNET has a look at the next Star Wars book by Ian Doescher called The Empire Striketh Back.
  • Somewhat random, but Amazon has a listing for a deluxe box set of The Jedi Path and Book of Sith with an October 2014 release.
  • There’s also a listing on edelweiss now for a Star Wars Rebels: Visual Guide with a July 21, 2014 release date. It’s a hardback by DK Publishing, 144 pages.

Travel the galaxy far, far away and experience Star Wars Rebels firsthand with the companion to the new Star Wars animated series, Star Wars Rebels. Featuring key scenes and iconic moments, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the rebel legion. With tons of interesting facts and information about your favorite characters, weapons, vehicles, and locations from the new TV show, Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide is the ultimate guide for the ultimate fan!

The Year of the Horse

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Dark Horse Comics talked to CBR covering their plans for 2014, preparing for the Marvel news, and what fans can expect in the year of the horse.

CBR News: Gentlemen, I wanted to start out talking about Dark Horse’s overall line right now…

Mike Richardson: You’re not even going to start out with “Star Wars” which everyone’s been calling about for the last three days? [Laughter]

CBR New: Well that too! I think the thing about the news of Star Wars leaving Dark Horse next year to go to Marvel that struck me was that you must have known this was coming. How did you plan around the loss of that license through 2014 and beyond?

Richardson: Well, we’ve known for a long time that Star Wars was going. We couldn’t announce it until Lucasfilm was ready, and they picked the day of January 3, allowing us to get through the holidays without having to deal with it. But we’ve known this for a very long time as we’ve built our schedule. The thing that’s a little bit irritating is hearing this talk of “Well, Dark Horse can’t get by without Star Wars.” Star Wars constituted less than 6% of our bottom line. We’re talking a year in which we’ve had a sensational year. So we’re fine without Star Wars.

Click here to check out everything Mike Richardson and Scott Allie had to say about Dark Horse’s plans for 2014 and Star Wars.

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EW Drops the Ball

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Yesterday Entertainment Weekly posted an interview with Dark Horse founder Mike Richardson and Dark Horse V.P. of Publishing Randy Stradley. Readers may have noticed in the interview that the author presented a pointed agenda portraying Dark Horse Comics as losing the Star Wars license.

“For the Oregon-based comics company, the project may be the great farewell to the Jedi mythology. Star Wars comics have been a core part of the Dark Horse’s indie publishing empire since the early 1990s. Now, after the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm, Dark Horse is likely to lose the license in the months ahead.” -Geoff Boucher, Entertainment Weekly

Here is a link to the interview.

According to Randy Stradley, the interview fell well below his expectations.

“…just a cursory skim of the interview shows me places where I was completely misquoted, places where my quote was attributed to Mike, or his to me, where portions of different statements we made were combined into one, or where statements just stop before the thought is completed.”

Randy went on to say that he would never do another live interview.

It’s sad to see an outlet like Entertainment Weekly mess up as bad as this. Skewing the facts in order to create an agenda is a disservice to their readers and the public in general. Adding insult to injury is their inability to even get the answers correct. One thing is for certain, Entertainment Weekly’s validity as a Star Wars news source has been severely damaged. Furthermore, if you see the name Geoff Boucher attached to an article, be sure to keep in mind his inability to get the facts straight.

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Stradley and Richardson talk ‘The Star Wars’

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A while ago J.W. Rinzler mentioned that Entertainment Weekly would have a special Star Wars article coming soon. Well EW has finally delivered with some coverage of The Star Wars. The article shows off some new artwork and includes an interview with Dark Horse’s top management, Randy Stradley and Mike Richardson.

What was the approach as far as the creative team and the design work for the project?

Randy Stradley: We did a lot of searching to find somebody who was right for this and, almost by accident, I stumbled across samples from an artist named Mike Mayhew — he’s no relation to Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca by the way. But it just looked right. George really has an affinity toward classic-looking comic books; he’s a big fan of Jack Kirby and stuff from the 1960s and Mike’s drawings and storytelling approach is reminiscent of that, even though the style is very modern. It’s been a nice combination and so far George has liked what he’s seen, so we’re excited. The entire weight of designing this new universe won’t fall on Mike Mayhew’s shoulders; I’ve also enlisted an army of comic and storyboard artists that’s designing vehicles and characters and locations.

Click here to read the full article.

UPDATE: Please note that the interview above has been brought into question due to responses from Randy Stradley himself who has stated that the answers in the interview are not completely accurate and do not fully represent the opinions of him and Mike Richardson.

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Star Wars News Round Up on Disney and Episode VII

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There’s been a lot of news across the web on the Disney announcement and Star Wars Episode VII. We gathered below some of the best highlights in regards to both literature and the films.

IGN reached out to Dark Horse Comics to find out what the future holds after the change to Disney. President of Dark Horse Comics Mike Richardson responded.

“Dark Horse and LucasFilm have a strong partnership which spans over 20 years, and has produced multiple characters and story lines which are now part of the Star Wars lore. Star Wars will be with us for the near future. Obviously, this deal changes the landscape, so we’ll all have to see what it means for the future.”

Continue Reading Star Wars News Round Up on Disney and Episode VII…

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