The Last Revan Excerpt?

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UPDATE: Star Wars Books has posted mini-excerpt #4

“Scourge cried out in anguish as the Emperor’s mind brushed against his, then he collapsed to the floor, shaking like a child. The touch lasted less than a second, but in that time he witnessed indescribable horrors that dwarfed anything the dark side could conjure in his worst nightmares. And beneath the formless terrors lurked the unbearable Void, the pure emptiness of total annihilation.”

— End Update —
According to Star Wars Books, this is the last chapter excerpt we’ll see from the upcoming Revan…from SWTOR at least. Regardless, if you can’t get enough Revan then you’re in luck. has posted chapter eleven. This is in addition to the long list of excerpts we’ve already seen. Here are all the links in case you’ve missed any:

Chapter 1 , Chapter 3, Chapter 11, Mini-excerpt #1, Mini-excerpt #2, Mini-excerpt #3, SWTOR excerpt #1, SWTOR excerpt #2, SWTOR excerpt #3

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The Winner is…Vader!

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Over on Syfy Blastr they held a pumpkin carving contest last month.  David Hewlett, aka Dr. Rodney McKay of Stargate: Atlantis picked the winner.  After viewing his choice we can understand why.  This Vader Unmasked carving is simply amazing.  Kudos to artist James Hall.

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2005 YU55 Arrives Today! Get Out The Tin Foil Helmets!

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It’s here, dear readers. The day I first told you about some seven months ago in an article entitled Giant Honkin’ Space Boulder To Just Miss Earth In November. Yes, today is the day that asteroid 2005 YU55 will skip inside the moon’s orbit and pass between the Earth and the moon. Asteroid 2005 YU55 is expected to miss both the planet and the moon, but out of mere happenstance. It could easily have impacted either but for the slightest of degree of change in trajectory at any point in its orbit around the sun.  Please enjoy the short video courtesy of

So both the Arecibo radio telescope and the Goldstone scope in California will be bombarding this errant missile with radio waves to get us the clearest pictures, and most useful data to date on this particular asteroid, and asteroids in general.

This image of Comet Tempel 1 was taken by NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft on July 4, 2005, 67 seconds after a probe crashed into the comet. CREDIT: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UMD

After landing on the asteroid Vespa and the comet Tempel 1, our scientist have a pretty good understanding of the composition and behaviors of these leftovers from the dawn of our solar system. Asteroid 2005YU55 will not hit us but you have to admit, in spacial terms it is a pretty close shave.

So get out those tin foil helmets everyone. Who knows… it wouldn’t be the first time someone did the math wrong. At the very least, call your Mom just to be on the safe side. No?

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New Release: Star Wars Insider Special Edition

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A new Star Wars Insider Special Edition is out today. This 148 page special issue will feature lots of Star Wars goodies including a new piece of original fiction entitled “Vader Adrift” by Ryder Windham. You can check out a full listing of all the articles in the new issue here on Titan Magazines official website.

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