Get an autographed photo of Darth Vader

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Actor David Prowse, the man famous for wearing the Darth Vader suit for all three Star Wars films in the Original Trilogy, is offering autographed photos on his site in a wide selection of sizes. From 8×10 to 18×12, the photographs include scenes from the films, behind the scenes pictures, and even promotional photos. There is a huge selection to choose from. Dave offers free personalization for each picture and even allows you to choose what color ink. The 8×10’s and 8×12’s are $20, 11×14’s and 16×12’s are $40-50, and 18×12’s are $50. All of the larger sized photos also include a Star Wars movie quote upon request. With Christmas time around the corner, these would make pretty good gifts for Star Wars fans. Continue Reading Get an autographed photo of Darth Vader…

Excerpt from Paul S. Kemp’s The Hammer and the Blade

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Paul S. Kemp, author of The Old Republic: Deceived and the newly released Star Wars: Riptide, has a new book coming out next year called The Hammer and the Blade which is being published by Angry Robot Books. If you’ve read any of Paul’s non-Star Wars books, you’re privy to the anticipation that is building up for this new, original novel set in a fresh new world of Paul’s deep imagination. To help stir up even more interest, Paul has posted an excerpt from the forthcoming book which you can read below. Don’t forget, pre-orders are already available for the paperback on and Barnes & Noble.

Excerpt from The Hammer and the Blade:

“No rust on a door more than six centuries old,” Nix said. “Odd, not so?”

Egil sat on the floor with his back against the smooth sandstone wall, his twin hammers lying on the stone floor to either side, his legs stretched out before him.  Sweat collected in the fringe of black hair that ringed his head above the ears.  Blood – not his own – speckled his thick forearms.

“Odd, aye,” the priest said, worrying at a wound in the tree trunk of his leg.  The tattoo inked on his bald pate – an eye looking out from the center of a starburst, the symbol of Ereben the Momentary God – stared at Nix while Egil looked down.  “Can you open it?” Continue Reading Excerpt from Paul S. Kemp’s The Hammer and the Blade

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