Suvudu Interview with LucasBooks New Senior Editor Jennifer Heddle

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Suvudu has posted an interview with the new Senior Editor at LucasBooks, Jennifer Heddle. As the new Senior Editor, Jennifer will be overseeing all of the adult fiction Star Wars titles. The interview covers from how she first discovered Star Wars to some of her favorite Star Wars books. She even mentioned her thoughts on reboots.

With 2009’s Death Troopers, the EU branched out into the horror genre for the first time. Shadow Games, which will be out on November 27th, is set to be the first Star Wars thriller. What’s your favorite genre of fiction, and will you try to bring more of that genre to Star Wars?

Well, my favorite genre of fiction is probably fantasy, and integrating that into Star Wars would be interesting. It’s not that difficult if you think about it, since a world in the GFFA without any tech could probably be construed as “fantasy.” And I’ve always thought of Star Wars, particularly Episodes IV through VI, as “space fantasy” more than anything else. 7 What are your thoughts on a partial or full “reboot” of the EU? Personally? I think that if DC and Marvel can do it, then so can we. And I like alternate history stories. But that’s something that ultimately is not my decision.

You can read the full interview here.

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The Stellar Guild Series Kicks off with Tau Ceti

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The Stellar Guild Series is an ambitious project by Phoenix Pick that will pair well known, best-selling authors with newer, lesser known authors. The series will kick off with Tau City, written by Kevin J. Anderson, and a sequel novelette written by Steven Savile.

The generation ship Beacon has voyaged for two centuries to reach a new planet at Tau Ceti, but just as the Beacon is about to arrive at their new home away from home, distant Earth develops faster-than-light ships…and a ruthless dictator wants to lay claim to their dream.

Tau Ceti will be released on November 22 in both print and digital formats. For a limited time, Phoenix Pick is offering a pre-order eBook discount of just $2.99 if you order before November 15, plus you can enter the discount code DIRKEV for another 15% off ($2.54 total), so if you’re looking for some new science fiction to enjoy on your eReader, keep Tau Ceti in mind.

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One More Dose of Revan

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If you’re excited for the release of Drew Karpyshyn’s The Old Republic: Revan next week, then this new excerpt from Del Rey may send you over the edge.

“Give these to Revan,” she said, placing the items in Meetra’s hands.

The first was a holorecording she had made of their son’s last birthday celebration. The second was a heavy object wrapped in a swath of black cloth.

Meetra unwound the cloth carefully, revealing a worn and scarred metal helmet with a red- and- gray faceplate.

“Revan’s mask!” Meetra gasped.

Revan will be released on November 15 in hardcover, digital, and audiobook formats. You can also check out all the previous excerpts here: Chapter 1 , Chapter 3, Chapter 11, Mini-excerpt #1, Mini-excerpt #2, Mini-excerpt #3, SWTOR excerpt #1, SWTOR excerpt #2, SWTOR excerpt #3, SWTOR excerpt #4

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Star Wars Comes to Minnesota

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This Saturday the Ridgedale Library in Minnetonka, MN will be getting a special treat. Star Wars authors Daniel Wallace and Troy Denning will both be in attendance, as will the 501st’s Central Garrison, so don’t miss out. You can find more information for the event here (scroll down to Star Wars Galactic Adventure).

Daniel Wallace will also be stopping by the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Roseville, MN for the DK Books Star Wars in Your Stocking Tour. The 501st and R2-D2 will be there, plus there will be some giveaways and prizes for those who show up.

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Preview of Invasion: Revelations #5

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Dark Horse Comics has posted a three page preview for Invasion: Revelations #5, the final issue in the arc. You can check out the preview here. Revelations #5 comes out November 16th.

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Salute to the Veterans

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Today we give our gratitude for all of the men and women who have served for the United States of America. In order to help contribute to those brave individuals, we’d like to point out a charitable effort being hosted by Catherine Taber, one of the voice actors for Star Wars The Clone Wars. Pete over on Lightsaber Rattling posted the news which you can read here.

Video Games are a simple and easy thing to send – and they can provide some entertainment and hopefully relaxation to our troops overseas – in their rare moments of downtime. -Catherine Taber

You can find out more about Games For Soldiers on their official website. Please take the time to show your support.

Thank You, Roqoo Depot

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