Get an autographed photo of Darth Vader

November 4, 2011 at 8:47 am | Posted in Movies | 1 Comment
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Actor David Prowse, the man famous for wearing the Darth Vader suit for all three Star Wars films in the Original Trilogy, is offering autographed photos on his site in a wide selection of sizes. From 8×10 to 18×12, the photographs include scenes from the films, behind the scenes pictures, and even promotional photos. There is a huge selection to choose from. Dave offers free personalization for each picture and even allows you to choose what color ink. The 8×10’s and 8×12’s are $20, 11×14’s and 16×12’s are $40-50, and 18×12’s are $50. All of the larger sized photos also include a Star Wars movie quote upon request. With Christmas time around the corner, these would make pretty good gifts for Star Wars fans.

You can check out all the autographed photos here on David Prowse’s official website.

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  1. thank god for this post, I’m definitely going to try and get one! It’s a shame it isn’t James Earl Jones though…

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