Interview with Alexander Freed, The Lost Suns Writer

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Tags: , posted an interview today with comic writer Alexander Freed. Mr. Freed is currently the writer for The Old Republic: The Lost Suns comic series, and one of the senior writers for the Star Wars: The Old Republic game. He is also wrote The Old Republic: Blood of the Empire series. The interview covers how the comics came about, their place in the timeline, the tricks to shifting between an Imperial agent and Republic spy, and what readers can expect between the game and the comics.

The Lost Suns, along with the comics, mention planets in the Star Wars Universe that have little to no story on them. With the freedom writing in a new world, how does this help the process in both game and comic?

It is always nice to develop something from scratch. It is always nice to look at something and go, “Hey, we can do anything we want here.” It is also dangerous because sometimes you just go wild and then you look at it two days later and go, “None of this actually feels like a proper Star Wars planet. Let’s tone it down. Let’s look at what are the essential elements that make a good Star Wars setting.” So it is nice to have freedom. It is also nice to have the giant amounts of lore for a place like Coruscant or Nar Shadda. And then it is also nice to have those worlds where there is just a little gem of information and it is like, “Alright. This is inspiring. I want to work with this.” That is the sort of thing that ends up with Dromund Kaas being the capital of the Empire; before we decided to make it sort of a center piece of the game, Dromund Kaas existed on continuity, but it was not something that people write books about. It was just sort of this planet off to the side.

The interview covered quite a few topics and is worth checking out. You can read the full interview here.

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