Comic Preview of Star Wars: The Lost Suns #2

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Newsarama posted an exclusive preview of Star Wars: The Lost Suns #2 today. Enjoy the 6 page sneak peak!

There are dark secrets behind the treaty that brought peace to the galaxy and an end to the war between the Jedi of the Republic and the Sith Empire. Now, with rumors of the secrets spreading, the galaxy is afraid a new war may be beginning . . .

Elite Republic spy Theron Shan has been assigned to find the old Jedi Master behind these rumors. Previously thought lost forever in Sith territory, Ngani Zho is back and more peculiar than before he left. Theron has his hands full with Zho, a troublesome thief, and the threatening Sith Knights who are also on Zho’s trail!

Star Wars: The Lost Suns #2 hits stores July 20th.

Writer: Alexander Freed
Pencillers: George Freeman and Dave Ross
Inker: Mark McKenna
Colorist: Michael Atiyeh
Cover Artist: Benjamin Carré

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Comic Con Releases First Day’s Schedule

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Tags: has released the program schedule for Thursday July 21, the opening day of Comic Con 2011 (excluding preview night on Wednesday). You can check out the full schedule here on their site. Some of the Star Wars highlights include a Kinect Star Wars Panel with Jorg Neumann (Kinect Publishing studio head), Craig Derrick (LucasArts lead producer), and Mike Snider (USA Today) to discuss new gameplay including the reveal of a new game mode and an undisclosed “exciting” announcement.

There will be a Spotlight of comic artist Jo Chen who worked on the covers for Star Wars: Invasion. That panel will be moderated by Scott Allie, Dark Horse comics editor, and writer for Star Wars: Jedi – The Dark Side. Continue Reading Comic Con Releases First Day’s Schedule…

Call of Duty Calls on the Force

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Tags: , has released a mod for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare that allows players to fight as Stormtroopers or Republic Soldiers in levels set in the world of Star Wars. This total conversion mod for the first person shooter lets players use blasters and explore seven maps: Anchorhead, Bespin, Bestine, Jundland, Jundland Dusk, Mos Eisley, and Not A Cave. Killstreaks have also been modified to the Star Wars themes including the use of TIE bombers and Y-wings. You can check out the trailer here which shows off some of the environments and action.

Steam is currently offering 25% off Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Game of the Year Edition for PC (which is $14.99) for those who don’t already have the game. The Galactic Warfare Mod can be downloaded from FilePlanet and Mod DB. The mod is free and weighs in at 693 MB.

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Haden Blackman Says Goodbye to Star Wars Galaxies

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Haden Blackman said goodbye to Star Wars Galaxies in an article on his site yesterday that touches upon his memories of working on the project as LucasArts’ lead producer and his feelings for seeing it go. Worth noting is the interview he linked to done by Brianna Royce. The interview is with president of Sony Online Entertainment John Smedley and it covers many of the reasons for the games shutdown as well as the fate of what’s to come as the game winds down. Star Wars Galaxies will be shut down on December 15th.

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Space Shuttle Retiring – So What’s Next Mr. President?

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This week for Science Thursday we get some suggestions from the Commander In Chief as to the direction the space program should take now that the NASA Space Shuttle program will be retired after the completion of STS-135 which is due to launch aboard the Shuttle Atlantis on Friday July 8TH, weather permitting (which it is looking like it won’t).

In a “Twitter Town Hall” meeting, a user going by the name “Ron” asked the President, “Where does America stand in space exploration?”

Continue Reading Space Shuttle Retiring – So What’s Next Mr. President?…

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