Space Shuttle Atlantis Blasts Off Into History

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Good morning Earth. As I write this on Saturday morning, July 9TH 2011 I sit here once again astounded at the level of human achievement in my lifetime. I have wondered at what point those wonderful stories we read about a galaxy far far away, or a television show in which we travel through stargates to other worlds, would stop being science fiction and just become fiction. Just stories of people doing things in an environment which might be very real. In places where the science is secondary to the story.

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Star Wars Comic News: Dark Horse Solicitations for October 2011

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Comic Book Resources has released Dark Horse’s comic book solicitations for October 2011. Here are the Star Wars highlights including new covers and details (make sure to click the continue link below the picture to see all of the new release dates, cover reveals, etc).

Crimson Empire III: Empire Lost #1

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