Star Wars Insider #127

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Issue number 127 of Star Wars Insider magazines hits newsstands today.  If you’re not already a subscriber, here’s a quick over-view of this issue’s highlights.

  • A profile of Han Solo kicks off this 100-page issue – we investigate the ongoing love affair with Star Wars‘ greatest scoundrel, and explain why Han is still the man!
  • An Star Tours exclusive – the making of the ride of a lifetime. Plus, Anthony Daniels explains why the ride has put Threepio back in action
  • Author Timothy Zahn on the Expanded Universe, the latest books and comics under the spotlight, plus an exclusive extract from the forthcoming novel, The Old Republic: Revan!
  • The incredible true story behind the making of the Star Wars radio drama, ‘My Star Wars with artist Greg Hildebrandt, plus much more.

As well as a subscription to the hard copy, Insider is available for download.  Or if you just want to pick up the occasional issue, stroll to your local newstand and grab one.

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Stargate Sighting? Can SG-1 be Far Behind?

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According to Discover Magazine’s Bad Astronomy blog this is just a missile.

Minuteman III ICBM [ballistics missile] had been scheduled to launch from Vandenburg Air Force Base, California, three minutes before the burst was observed.

I however am going with a stargate…because I really, really want to meet Daniel Jackson.  Not to mention travel across the galaxy in seconds to really cool places — as long as their are no Goa’ulds there.  No snakes in the head for me, thank you.

Whatever it is (and yeah it’s probably just a missile), the video is still pretty cool.

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Star Wars Meets Metal

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How does it get any better than Star Wars and heavy metal?  Thanks, Erock.

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Book Review: Timothy Zahn’s Choices of One

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Choices of One is the sequel to Timothy Zahn’s Star Wars: Allegiance and as the adventures of Mara Jade, the Hand of Judgment, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker continues, the story gets even better. Click here to read the full review.

Reviewed By: Skuldren

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