‘Honor Among Thieves’ Preview

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Random House has posted another one of their massive previews for Honor Among Thieves by James S.A. Corey. The excerpt includes 48 pages (just click on the orange “Look Inside” button). While it jumps around a lot, it does include the dramatis personae for those who want to check it out…

Baasen Ray; smuggler (Mirialan male)
C-3PO; masculine protocol droid
Chewbacca; copilot, Millennium Falcon (Wookiee male)
Essio Galassian; astrocartographer (human male)
Han Solo; captain, Millennium Falcon (human male)
Hunter Maas; thief (human male)
Leia Organa; rebel, Alderaanian princess (human female)
Luke Skywalker; rebel pilot (human male)
R2-D2; astromech droid
Scarlet Hark; rebel spy (human female)
Sunnim; pilot (Bothan male)
Wedge Antilles; commander, Rebel Alliance (human male)

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‘Jedi Academy 2’ by Jeffrey Brown Revealed

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Newly revealed on edelweiss is a sequel to Jeffrey Brown’s Jedi Academy simply titled Jedi Academy 2. The book currently has a tentative release date of July 29, 2014. Like the previous book, it will also be available in hardcover and has a page count of 176 which would make it a little longer than its predecessor (160 pages).

Author/illustrator Jeffrey Brown returns in the highly anticipated sequel to the New York Times Bestseller STAR WARS: JEDI ACADEMY!

It’s time to return to middle school in a galaxy far, far away….

After surviving his first year at Jedi Academy, Roan Novachez thought his second year would be a breeze. He couldn’t have been more wrong. Roan feels like he’s drifting apart from his friends, and it’s only made worse when Roan discovers he’s not the amazing pilot he thought he’d be. When the school bullies take him under their wing, he decides they aren’t so bad after all–or are they?

This year, Roan will have to face alien poetry tests, menacing robots, food fights, flight simulation class, online bullies, more lightsaber duels, and worst of all…a girl who is mad at him.

This incredible, original story captures all of the humor, awkwardness, fun, and frustrations of middle school–all told through one boy’s comics, journal entries, letters, sketches, e-mails, and more.

ISBN-13: 9780545621250, ISBN-10: 0545621259
Price: $12.99 (USD)
Hardback: 176 Pages, 5.500 in W | 8.250 in H 140mm W | 210mm H
Ages 8 to 12, Grades 3 to 7

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Joe Schreiber Chat Next Wednesday

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Star Wars Books has announced that next Wednesday they’ll be holding a live chat with Star Wars author Joe Schreiber. The chat will start at noon EST and will be hosted on Star Wars Books Facebook page. Be sure to get your questions for Maul: Lockdown, Red Harvest and Death Troopers ready.

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Gary Oldman: Star Wars Called

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There’s not much to go on in this interview, but Gary Oldman admits that he got a call regarding Star Wars.  What with Harry Potter, Batman, and Planet of the Apes, if Oldman appears in Star Wars, wouldn’t that obligate Peter Jackson to edit him into LOTR or The Hobbit?

Source: Jedi News

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Podcasts in Review

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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Assembly of Geeks: The “Female Transformers on Hoverboards” episode has an entertaining variety of geeky subjects for your listening pleasure. They talk about their favorite future items from the Back to the Future franchise and what they wish we had now (since they travel to 2015 in the film). They cover female Transformers and robot genders, Carrie Fisher confirming her appearance in Star Wars Episode VII and what that’s worth, Tricia’s controversial opinion on why Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford shouldn’t be in Episode VII, Frozen, Harry Potter theme parks, and more.

Bombad Radio: Episode 123 has a great interview with voice actor Stephen Stanton who talks a little bit about Star Wars, the Sundance Film Festival and the Roger Ebert documentary he worked on, and even special effects.

Coffee with Kenobi: Episode 11 features special guest Dr. Andrea Letamendi as they sink their teeth into some very thought provoking and interesting discussions on the villains of Star Wars. They also branch out a little with some analysis of Batman villains, which helps create a comparison between the two franchises and the subject matter. Very interesting stuff and worth a listen. Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

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