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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Assembly of Geeks: The “Female Transformers on Hoverboards” episode has an entertaining variety of geeky subjects for your listening pleasure. They talk about their favorite future items from the Back to the Future franchise and what they wish we had now (since they travel to 2015 in the film). They cover female Transformers and robot genders, Carrie Fisher confirming her appearance in Star Wars Episode VII and what that’s worth, Tricia’s controversial opinion on why Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford shouldn’t be in Episode VII, Frozen, Harry Potter theme parks, and more.

Bombad Radio: Episode 123 has a great interview with voice actor Stephen Stanton who talks a little bit about Star Wars, the Sundance Film Festival and the Roger Ebert documentary he worked on, and even special effects.

Coffee with Kenobi: Episode 11 features special guest Dr. Andrea Letamendi as they sink their teeth into some very thought provoking and interesting discussions on the villains of Star Wars. They also branch out a little with some analysis of Batman villains, which helps create a comparison between the two franchises and the subject matter. Very interesting stuff and worth a listen.

RebelForce Radio: Episode 1.24.14 brings a return of Jason as they dive back into Star Wars with discussions ranging from the apparent lack of Star Wars things to do in New York, the latest news and the popularity of Han Solo. 

Episode 1.31.14 includes a full rundown on Chopper, the new droid character in Star Wars Rebels, a long with audio from the the video posted on StarWars.com that features Dave Filoni and Kilian Plunkett talking about the new character. Jimmy Mac also talks about his trip to Sundance Film Festival with voice actor Stephen Stanton. They were there for the Roger Ebert documentary Life Itself. Jimmy was able to do an interview with Stephen talking about the documentary and a little Star Wars. This episode also dives into listener feedback on the most popular Star Wars character and some coverage of poor news reporting from a major news affiliate website trying to pass off old photos as new ones. Lots of good discussion throughout.

Rebels Report: Episode #4 not only gives some detailed coverage of Chopper, but also dives into what we know or might know about the rest of the Star Wars Rebels cast. Who are the members of the Ghost‘s crew? How might the Inquisitor fit into the show, and what can we learn from the early LEGO news? With a nice mix of coverage ranging from facts to speculation, Rebels Report shines a great, comprehensive spotlight on the show.

Star Wars Oxygen: Episode 3 investigates the sounds of John Williams and the recurrence of popular motifs throughout A New Hope. From the number of times Vader’s theme pops up, the variants on the theme, and even perhaps a glimpse of the Imperial March. David also compares the Sand People theme to Planet of the Apes and gives a full rundown on the number of times the most popular motifs are played in the first movie. For fans of Star Wars, you won’t find a better discussion of the music anywhere else. A definite must listen.

Star Wars Report: Episode 119 generates some interesting discussion as Riley and Mark talk about the end of the prequel era. With Disney in charge, there certainly seems to be a shift in focus. They also touch on some lighthearted stuff like how many Star Wars books Mark owns, which includes some ridiculously low guesses by Riley, and film Easter eggs.

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