501st After Action Report: 70th Explorers Garrison Invades BAM!

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Friday BAM! Entertainment Superstore kicked off their 30th Anniversary Sale. Being the bookworm that I am, I promptly headed for the sci-fi section to peruse the shelves for something good to read. As part of their sale, all pre-owned books were 33% off. Glancing around I picked up books 1 and 4 of The Saga of the Seven Suns by Kevin J. Anderson for just $3.80 (after tax for both!). It’s a series I’ve been meaning to try out and the price was certainly right. But then I heard a noise echoing up from the stairwell. Somewhere on the first floor was an amplified voice saying something I couldn’t quite make out. Then there was the distinct sound of someone humming the Imperial March.

The 501st had arrived.

Hey! Did you pay for that book?

BAM! Entertainment capped off their sale with an appearance by none other than the 501st Legion. In this case it was the 70th Explorers Garrison. Star Wars fan that I am, I immediately geeked out. It wasn’t long before the troopers kicked into action and began patrolling the two level store. Down on the first floor, a Stormtrooper marched by smiling customers and passing out greetings. A scout trooper and an Imperial crewmen took guard at the front entrance to surprised mall goers. Kids posed with the clone troopers and everywhere people began to get into the mood. It wasn’t long before some adults began to let out their inner geek and convince their buddies to take pictures of them with the troopers.

There's something about seeing Imperial troopers that brings out your inner Star Wars geek. After cajoling his buddy to take his picture, they switched places so both of them could get pics with the troops.

The 501st troopers were great. They took every opportunity to pose with customers, adults and children alike. When not taking pictures, they stayed in character even in surroundings as strange as a book, comics, toys, music, games, and movie store

So you're the guy on the tree world right?

I like the sign in the background for this one. Bet these guys were hired by Jawas.

If you missed out on the event, don’t worry, there are many more where that came from. Every Wednesday we post the Databurst From the 501st column listing all the 501st events around the world so you can easily find one near you. Keep an eye on the calendars and if you see an event near you, be sure to stop by and show your support. It’s always a fun opportunity.

When this stormtrooper wasn't patrolling the aisles, he was posing with the kids. You just can't beat the 501st.

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