‘Mercy Kill’ Mini-excerpt #5

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Star Wars Books has posted a mini-excerpt from Aaron Allston’s Mercy Kill.

The trooper caught up with Myri after three steps, seized her arm, and swung her around to slam her into the side of a building. She couldn’t see his features in the deep shadow, but his voice was suddenly full of anger. He jabbed a forefinger at her. “You do not insult the—”

She put one hand on the back of his and seized his index finger with her other hand. She bent his finger up, a sudden, all-out effort, and bones snapped.

He started to look at his stricken hand, started to make a pained noise, but she immediately drew her blaster, thumbed its side switch to make sure it was still set on stun, and fired into his stomach. The stun bolt briefly illuminated the alley and his shocked expression. Then he fell.

She looked down at him and holstered her weapon. “Sorry, Army. My heart belongs to Starfighter Command.” Then she stepped over him and returned to the street.

You can find the previous excerpts here: mini-excerpt #1, #2, #3,#4, the bonus excerpt, the audio excerpt, and the Random House excerpts.

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Matt Staggs Talks with Troy Denning

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Suvudu’s Matt Staggs posted an interview with Star Wars author Troy Denning. Troy mentions Crucible and it covers some of your general Star Wars questions. Check it out.

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Dark Horse Star Wars Comic News

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Dark Horse’s Vice President of Publishing Randy Stradley posted on the Dark Horse forums yesterday a nice little update on the current Star Wars comic schedule. The update indicates which series are planned to continue and for how long. Keep in mind this is all subject to change.

Star Wars — ongoing
Star Wars: Agent of the Empire — 5 to 8 issues a year
Star Wars: Dark Times — 5 issues a year
Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi — 5 to 8 issues a year
Star Wars: Knight Errant — ending after current arc
Star Wars: Blood Ties — ending after current arc
Star Wars: The Old Republic — ended for now
Star Wars: Darth Vader — 5 issues a year
Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith — ending after current arc
Star Wars: To Be Announced 1 — ongoing
Star Wars: To Be Announced 2 — 8 issues

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Master Homer says “D’oh – or d’oh not”

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At least according to Star Wars comic writer and author John Jackson Miller. Famous for his tales of Sith and great humor, John is doing something outside the Galaxy Far, Far Away this October with Bart Simpson #76. Published by Bongo Comics, this will mark John’s second foray into the Simpson’s universe, his first being “No Purchase Necessary” in Simpson Comics Presents Bart Simpson #27 (and reprinted in Big Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson). Bart Simpson #76 will feature John’s new story “Fund-Razing” and will be just the first of several more to come. If you’re a fan of John’s Star Wars stuff, and a fan of The Simpsons, then this will certainly be worth checking out.

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Looking for Kemp’s Autograph?

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If you haven’t bought Paul S. Kemp’s latest novel yet (and why haven’t you? It’s great!), and you’d like to pick up Paul’s autograph, then head on over to his site. Paul is running another great deal on autographed copies, so now you can get an autographed copy of The Hammer and the Blade. Get yours while copies last.

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