Vanity Fair’s ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Coverage

May 22, 2019 at 3:33 pm | Posted in Episode IX, Movies, News, Star Wars, Star Wars News | Leave a comment

People have been eagerly anticipating the Vanity Fair cover for The Rise of Skywalker, and it’s finally arrived with two versions and a slew of new set photos. There’s some nice tidbits hidden in their article, but interestingly enough they’re all in the captions for the pictures. Here’s the big takeaways.

  • The desert planet is Pasaana (not Tatooine, not Jakku).
  • The natives of Pasaana are the Aki-Aki (the tentacle face aliens).

  • Keri Russell’s masked character is named Zorri Bliss.
  • She’s on the “snow-dusted” planet Kijimi.

  • Confirmation of the Knights of Ren who they refer to as “elite fearsome enforcers of Kylo Ren’s dark will”.

  • Richard E. Grant’s character is named Allegiant General Pryde.

  • The horse aliens are called orbaks and they’re leading “the charge against the mechanized forces of the First Order.”
  • Rey and Kylo’s Force bond “will turn out to run even deeper than previously revealed.”
  • And then there’s a tantalizing picture of Luke in the flesh. Is he back from the dead (it is “The Rise of Skywalker”) or is it a flashback to when the temple was destroyed? We’ll have to wait to find out.

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