Movie Review: ‘Hereditary’

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Let me start by saying Hereditary is one of the creepiest, dark, evil movies I’ve seen in a long time. It’s the kind of movie that will stick with you and haunt you at night. You won’t feel quite safe in the dark for a bit. However, this is not a movie for religious people as you will not like the ending.

The movie opens with an obituary for the grandma. That sets the mood of this film. It’s not your standard horror film. All the standard setups, the standard tricks, this movie side steps those. There’s a couple of things you’ve seen before, but the feel of the movie, it’s very different. In fact it’s a really slow burn at first. It introduces you to the characters, yet there are clues even at the beginning that something is not right. There’s more going on than what they’re telling you. And throughout everything, there is an oddness. All of the characters are a little odd, some more so than others. There are dark turns in the movie that keep your interest, but they keep you on your toes not knowing where things are going. In fact the storytellers behind this film keep their cards very close to their chest until the end. That’s when they lay it all out.

Without going into spoilers, this isn’t a movie for everyone. It’s a well crafted film with strange characters, odd elements, dark turns and an evil pay out. If your tired of the standard horror movies that get churned out, this may be what you’re looking for as its very different and doesn’t follow the usual formula. But like I said, if you’re religious, you’ll probably want to skip this one as the ending is not going to sit well with you.

Fair warning, I am going to go into spoilers now. Not full on ruin the movie spoilers, but if you’re at all interested in seeing this movie, it’s best to skip them.

Last warning, here goes…

The movie opens with the death of the grandma and a funeral. The mother, her husband, their older son and younger daughter are the main cast. The grandma was an odd person. No one was really attached to her except the daughter. The mom goes to counselling to work through the grief, not so much cause of her mom dying, but because of family issues and feeling a burden and blame. Personal stuff. The movie progresses and the only odd thing is the daughter. She’s…weird. There’s something off about her. It felt like the halfway point in the movie, but something happens that really turns the whole thing on its head. It’s very unexpected, sudden, and a game changer. It didn’t even feel like a horror movie thing, but like a straight up family drama. The family tries to deal with the event, but things just go to shambles and get worse. The mom seeks help from a non-standard source, and that’s when things take a turn toward the paranormal. But it still doesn’t feel like a horror movie, yet. But there are more turns, and quickly the pace jumps up and this thing goes into full out horror mode until it spins out in the end for complete, brutal, darkness.

Now I warned about being religious, and here’s the thing, I am religious. So the ending didn’t sit well with me. Because of that, it’s not a film I’d return to anytime soon. That said, it was still a very well done horror movie. It was different, stylish, and for what it’s worth, a good story. I might not have liked the end for personal reasons, but it’s definitely sparked emotions. As such, I give this one a three out of five metal bikinis, not because it was a bad movie, but it wasn’t a movie I’d feel real comfortable watching again.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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