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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

30 Minutes of Diabolical: Vol 3 | Session 6 is fully devoted to Boba Fett. They covering everything from a full ordinance rundown to elements of old Expanded Universe history. They talk about his first appearance in a parade, his deeds at Jabba’s palace, his fate in the sarlacc, and they steer clear of the prequels. I had two big gripes with the episode. First up, during the weapons segment, they had some really loud background music which made it hard to hear the two male hosts. My second gripe is that one of the hosts said “brother” a lot. And I mean a lot. Seriously, one out of three sentences included “brother”. Now I’m not sure if it was a gimmick or not, but I did try out another episode and the host did not say “brother” once, so if it was a gimmick, it did not work at all. If you’re a hardcore Fett fan, though, you might want to check this one out.

30 Minutes of Diabolical: Vol 2 | Session 29 focuses on the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Note this episode took play in December prior to The Force Awakens‘ release. They talk about the First Order 6″ Black Series figure, the Fargo TV series, then head in the EU. They cover Exar Kun, HK-47, Jaxxon, Thrawn, Mara Jade, the low points of the EU, and a lot of Shadows of the Empire. Kind of a fun trip down memory lane with the SWEU. This episode was a lot more enjoyable than the Boba Fett episode. The podcast doesn’t focus on Star Wars, so you’ll have to search for more Star Wars episodes, but it might be worth checking out.

Assembly of Geeks: Batman vs. Superman Round Table features a really nice round table discussion with guests Dan Z. (Coffee With Kenobi), Jeremiah (Bombad Radio), and Matt Moore (Comic Book Noob, Comics With Kenobi). They join Scott, Jeff and Amy as they talk about the movie, what they liked, didn’t like, and hope to see in the future. Excellent discussion and a close contender for pick of the week. If you’ve seen the movie, be sure to check this one out.

Assembly of Geeks: Civil War, Killing Joke & Ghostbusters Hate covers their thoughts on Captain America: Civil War, the Rogue One trailer, Ben Affleck being the executive producer on the Justice League movie, the trailer for the animated version of The Killing Joke, and the reactions to the new Ghostbusters trailer.

Beyond the Vote: Episode #009 is basically Riley’s farewell to the Republican party as he states his case for not backing Trump. Scott and Riley talk about Trump’s flip-flopping on issues, the danger he poses, and whether Hillary would be better than him.

Blabba the Hutt: Episode #21 covers the R2 hard boiled egg mold and an update on Kate’s Maz Kanata outfit. They talk Star Wars: Bloodline a little, Thrawn being in Star Wars Rebels season three, the podcast awards, then they shift toward their guests. First up is Alice Barker who talks about #REYOFHOPE and how that came about, then they have on Jed Shepherd and Martin Keeler to talk about the pre-Celebration party #Cantina.

Bombad Radio: Episode 240 features an interview with voice actor Rob McCollum who talks about how he got into voice over, the evolution of anime and format consumption, sub vs dub, editing for content, listener questions covering different voices, Dragon Ball Z, Borderlands and more. Rob also talks about where anime is on the food chain, and what the voice over business is like in Texas. It’s a fun interview. Afterwards Jeremiah talks a bit more about the looming voice over strike.

Brews and Blasters: Episode 70 features the return of Chris as they talk spicy tequila recipes, their experience at Star Wars Night with the Red Sox, Celebration Orlando, sandals, Chris’ recent con adventures, need’em got’em and listener emails. Another fun packed episode.

Comic Book Noob: Black Panther is a great one to check out for Captain America: Civil War fans as they talk about one of the more interesting new characters in the film. This one dives deep into the Black Panther’s backstory, his skills and powers, responsibilities, and what sets him apart from other super heroes. The cover his origin, the name, and their comic recs. Great episode.

Dune Cast: Episode #0 kicks off Retrozap’s Dune podcast covering, well, all things Dune. The inaugural episode is a nice one touching on Frank Herbert, the books, the transition to Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, the movie, and even a little on the TV series. It’s a great little primer for what’s to come and definitely worth checking out for Dune fans.

Fangirls Going Rogue: Episode #32 covers the Run Disney Star Wars Marathon, Tricia talks about his being her first 5K, and they talk about virtual racing. From there they cover the LEGO Star Wars Freemaker news, some love for Star Wars: Bloodline, their thoughts on the Rogue One trailer, some May the 4th discussion, their Mortis live tweet rewatch observations, TFA characters and selfishness, the importance of trees in storytelling, some takeaways from Captain America: Civil War, and their character discussion focuses on lightsaber crystals. Are they characters? Do they have personalities? The one crystal does call out to Rey after all. And some comparisons between lightsaber crystals and Harry Potter wands. Fun episode.

ForceCenter: Bloodline Review episode delves into the book and their thoughts on it with lots of praise and mild spoilers. If you’re diving into Bloodline podcast episodes like I’ve been, be sure to add this one to your playlist.

ForceCenter: Episode 13 starts with some news bits such as Celebration Orlando, the new Han Solo actor, Mads Mikkelsen spilling secrets, and then they get into what makes a Star Wars story for their main discussion. Fun episode.

Full of Sith: Episode CLXVII is hosted by Bryan, Amy and special guest Ryan Call as they talk about Star Wars: Bloodline and how it’s affected the way we view The Force Awakens. They talk about Rian Johnson’s input, the politics, Leia’s secret, and more. They do delve into spoilers, so fair warning.

I’d Just as Soon Kiss a Mookiee: Mini 6 is hosted by Shannon Shark and Star Wars author Jason Fry. It’s an odd podcast that combines the baseball fandom of the Mets with Star Wars, so you get half sports talk and half Star Wars discussion. In this one they talk about the Mets roadtrip and their thoughts on Star Wars: Bloodline (Star Wars discussion kicks in at 10 minutes and 55 seconds). If you’re a Mets fan, this one might be right up your alley. It’s a short podcast with a niche focus.

Rebel Force Radio: Episode 5.13.2016 starts with a Trek story from Jason, Jimmy talks about the Lucas museum issue in Chicago, they cover the Elstree 1976 documentary and include some audio clips, plus they cover the news of the Han Solo actor, Mads Mikkelsen slipping Rogue One info, Episode VIII set pics, Steve Glosson’s “Mas Kanata” song (done to Brooks & Dunn “My Maria”), Ewan’s latest comments on Obi-Wan movies, and they speak with Zebra Imaging about Star Wars holograms.

Rebel Grrrl: Episode 33 covers news, rumors and Star Wars: Bloodlines. It’s kind of an interesting discussion as neither of them has finished reading the book yet, but they do tackle the timeline aspect of the book and how it affects speculation on the films and character histories. They cover other stuff in this episode and a good amount of fan questions, but I was having some trouble listening to the episode due to the sound level of the hosts. I notice a lot of times the hosts’ voices would trail off, or they would speak softly, which made it very hard to hear them. To compensate, I’d turn up the volume, but then I’d get blasted when they returned to speaking at normal volume. It was a fight to find a happy medium and I kind of gave up which meant I missed out on a lot of what was said because I couldn’t hear them. Might not be an issue if you’re listening with earbuds, but I happened to listen to this one in the car on my car stereo speakers.

Retrozap Game Club: Episode #00 covers childhood gaming memories, renting games and more as they kick off their new podcast with a quick little 33 minute episode.

Scriptnotes: Episode 247 is my pick of the week. What earns them such an honor? Why what else, an interview with Lawrence Kasdan. They talk with Larry about his writing process for The Force Awakens, working with J.J. Abrams, he reaffirms Michael Arndt left because of not having enough time to finish the project, he touches on the writing process for the upcoming Han Solo movie, and they cover some of his other films, notable themes, the challenges of writing stories, and the movie business. It’s a great conversation and one you should definitely give a listen to.

Star Wars Geek Girl: The Sabines Battle Comic Sans episode is something very different. I tuned in after hearing Zoe on a recent episode of Full of Sith. I figured I’d give her podcast a try. This is very much a fan podcast of two friends having fun talking Star Wars and beyond. However, they do go off the rails a lot. They talk Free Comic Book Day, Celebration Orlando, pets, Star Wars: Bloodline, Spanish 3PO on Robot Chicken, Kibbles fan fic and various other things. Now, let me set your expectations before you dive in. It’s not a professional sounding podcast, it’s very much a fan effort, and it bounces around topics but stays on Star Wars for the most part.

Star Wars Oxygen: Vol. 30 continues their discussion of The Force Awakens as they delve into the 7th Symphony bonus feature on the Blu-ray, and cover the Maz Kanata cantina music…both of them. Cool stuff as always.

Starships Sabers and Scoundrels: Episode Infinity Plus 1 covers news like Force For Change, Star Wars coming back to theaters, and C-3PO #1 finally coming out. They cover Sky Stalking, share their thoughts on the Rogue One trailer, comics, Rathtars and TFA theories. Not bad. Interesting hosts and good audio quality.

Step In Time (Skywalking Through Neverland): Bedknobs and Broomsticks episode features guest Teresa Delgado. They talk about the movie taking place during World War II, the original version versus the extended cut, Rich’s first time seeing it, similarities to Marry Poppins, and their thoughts on the film. Fun episode.

Take Cover: Episode 4 covers Star Wars: Bloodline, they talk with author Cavan Scott about Adventures in Wildspace, they take a break with Jonathan Wilkins to talk Star Wars Insider, shares their thoughts on C-3PO #1 and Poe Dameron #2, then get back to their interview with Cavan. They also talk about The Making of The Force Awakens book being back in development rather than cancelled, the EU billboard, and they talk about Star Wars micro collecting with Gus Lopez. Small caveat, I’ve noticed that Matt (I believe it’s Matt) has some issues with mic noise. Kinda hoping that gets fixed rather than being an ongoing thing.

Unmistakably Star Wars: Episode 30 starts off with a hint that Zahn might be returning soon, a forthcoming Alexander Freed interview, and a discussion about Boba Fett not having a larger role in the films. They talk about the Han Solo casting, Pablo confirming Plagueis is completely dead, Vader being in Rogue One, and more. At minutes in, they switch over to an interview with Barry of Jedi Con West Virginia. There’s some very minor mic noises during the interview, just a heads up. Afterwards at 1 hour 24 minutes, they get to the part that I was really interested in, their Star Wars: Bloodline discussion. This is the first part of their multi-episode discussion. This one focuses on chapters 1 through 10.

Western Reaches: Episode #4 starts with the usual topics of what they’re reading and the games they’re playing. This leads to some fantasy book discussion and Saf recounting her experience at the Play by Play festival. They talk about Undertale and lots of video game discussion. They also go over new Her Universe clothing, overt vs subtle Star Wars fashion, Daisy Ridley stick fighting, and their main topic: Mass Effect. They talk about the narrative of the games, the role of choice, Mass Effect: Andromeda being a colonization story, comparisons to Dragon Age, and their favorite moments. Great episode for Mass Effect fans.

Western Reaches: Episode #5 is joined by Nanci as they talk about what they’re reading which leads to space, Hunger Games, Twilight, and Sleeping Giants. Then they talk about the LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens game, Celebration Orlando, the Han Solo movie, and a nice discussion of Star Wars: Bloodline. They go over all the characters with a nice overview of the book and a discussion that doesn’t go too heavy into spoilers. At 1 hour 23 minutes, they go heavy into spoilers. Good episode.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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