Transformers: Primacy #2

Transformers: Primacy #2

Writers: Chris Metzen and Flint Dille
Artist: Livio Ramondelli
Letterer: Chris Moway
Cover Artists: Livio Ramondelli (regular cover and Montreal Comic Con cover), and Sarah Stone (alternate cover and 30th anniversary cover)

Transformers: Primacy #2 is a gathering of forces before the storm. Megatron is bent on taking Cybertron and he’s out to get all the help he can get. Meanwhile Optimus Prime has also gained new allies. Skipping around from planet to planet, we get glimpses of other worlds and more Transformers. Each joins Megatron in his burgeoning army. In the end, the first moves are made in the battle for Cybertron.


The cover art for Primacy #2 threw me a little. It’s not too bad, but it didn’t strike me as the sort of thing Livio Ramondelli usually does. The weird beam of light seemed unnecessary and Grimlock wasn’t even in this issue. Then I saw an image online revealing that the covers join together to make a huge picture that looks really awesome. So, if you’re turned off by the cover, keep the bigger picture in mind.

All four covers together.

It certainly makes a lot more sense now. The light beam forms the center of the overall image, Metroplex’s hovering form is a counterpart to Trypticon, and Grimlock is there to balance out Shockwave. It should look pretty cool when done.


With this issue being mostly a recruiting mission for Megatron, we get to see a lot of places and Transformers. They visit Magmara Nine, Canis Tor, The Presidium, and Junkion. Megatron goes after the Stunticons, the Predacons, the Combaticons, and the crazy bots on Junkion. Each stop leads to a brief story snippet showing off the Transformers and giving readers a taste of their personalities. The writers did a good job of packing in a lot of personality into those brief encounters.


All of that bouncing around, however, builds up to the big showdown. To kick things off in the war between Autobots and Decepticons, the mighty Metroplex and the terrifying Trypticon duke it out. Unfortunately that’s where the comic ends, but it’s a nice way to leave things, giving us a little bit of action and a lot to look forward to.


Trypticon vs Metroplex

As you can see, the art for this issue is really good. Livio Ramondelli gets to portray a lot of different Transformers and environments. There are some nice full page and double page layouts fully highlighting the action and the characters. I think my favorite is Razorclaw standing before the Predacons. The lion head looks impressive on his chest, the coloring has a warmth to it, and the Predacons appear fearsome. It’s perfect.

Continuing a great start, Transformers: Primacy #2 keeps the momentum going with an entertaining story and impressive artwork. I give it a five out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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