Review: Legacy: Prisoner of the Floating World


Script: Corinna Bechko & Gabriel Hardman

Art: Gabriel Hardman

Colors: Rachelle Rosenberg

Lettering: Michael Heisler

Cover Art: Dave Wilkins

Designer: Jimmy presler

Assistant Editor: Freddye Lins

Editor: Randy Stradley

Publisher: Mike Richardson

It is a time of fragile peace in the galaxy.  A fledgling power-sharing government has risen from the defeat of the One Sith and forge an uneasy triumvirate of Jedi Council, Imperial Court, and Galactic Alliance.  Many doubt the new government’s motives and ability to hold power. To reassure the galaxy, initiatives have been launched to improve the fortunes of outlying systems.  On a mission to prove the Triumvirate’s good intentions, Imperial Knight Yalta Val speeds toward isolated Carreras, in the Outer Rim . . .

Legacy has returned and if you’re expecting the story to start off with a bang, you’re not going to be disappointed.  We jump right into the action when Imperial Knight Yalta Val, on a mission to Carreras in the Outer Rim, immediately runs into major trouble.  The Sith are back and as bad as ever.  Val’s ship is attacked, forcing it to land on an uncharted planet and Val’s crew, plus storm troopers, are killed.  Val, in turn, is confronted by a Sith and slays him.  But this Sith was just the warm up act for his master who is intriguingly masked.  At this point we’re left with uncertainty regarding the fate of Master Val because we don’t actually see the Sith dispatch him.  What follows is a somewhat confusing sequence where a droid rescue craft retrieves a coffin-like container and is then fired upon when it leaves the unknown planet.

Jump a week ahead and we’re still somewhere in the Carreras System, this time at a junk yard.  The obligatory scum and villiany try to rip off the owner and she’s not buying it, she being Ania Solo.  This sequence shows us that Ania is no pushover and she has the Solo style for spotting opportunity in the guise of some fancy imperial gadgetry.  Of course, she also has the Solo talent for getting into trouble which she proceeds to do admirably in true Solo style.  She collects a comrade, a Mon Cal by the name of Sauk.  Sauk opens the Imp gadget and out falls a lightsaber.  Ania doesn’t recognize it at first — which is interesting.  And I’m not altogether sure if she knows what it is after Sauk manages to activate the blade.  Anyway, they decide to head over to Carreras Major and sell the thing and that’s where the fun begins — fun as in Ania and Sauk being chased by bad guys.  Of course Ania ends up popping one of the bad guys with a blaster, and there’s a nice panel of her, blaster in one hand, lightsaber in the other, telling everyone who’s looking that she’s Ania Solo.  I don’t know if it’s either foreshadowing or symbolism, but it was a nice touch.  I like to think I wasn’t exercising some wishful thinking in seeing more than a little Han in Ania.

Meanwhile Yalta Val has actually shown up at the communications array in the Carreras System.  The communications array was the entire purpose of Val’s mission as it’s vital to communications in that sector of the Outer Rim.  Back on Coruscant, the triumvirate, (Marasiah, Stazi and K’Kruhk) are debating the merits of the Carreras communications array, which Marasiah is a strong proponent of.  There doesn’t seem to be a lot of purpose to this sequence other than to show the triumvirate more or less working together.  Well, we do get a cameo of Antares Draco and that was fun.  Back at the communications array Yalta Val is accusing Carreras Governor Biala of corruption and taking over her security forces with a really heavy hand.  As he walks away his eyes glow yellow.  I know what you’re thinking, but the very last thing we see in this issue is the Man in the Iron Mask and shock cuffs being fed by a jailer who calls him Master Val.

So all in all this was a fun intro to Legacy 2.  The story is promising and I really do want to find out more about Ania Solo and this business with Yalta Val.  I also thought it was a good decision to bring in the Sith right at the beginning.  It ties back to the end of the original Legacy series and the Sith, hiding and working their schemes.  While the artwork isn’t the beauty and detail of Duursema or Alessio, it works, most especially for the grittier Outer Rim and the fight scenes.  Where it was really lacking was in the Coruscant sequence and I honestly wouldn’t have recognized Marasiah if she hadn’t been addressed as “Empress”.  They need to work on that.  I give this issue 4 bikinis.

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