Legacy – War #2

Writer: John Ostrander & Jan Duursema

Cover Artist: Jan Duursema

Interior Art by: Jan Duursema (pencils), Dan Parsons (inks), Brad Anderson (colors), and Michael Heisler (letters)

With issue one kicking off the new series, issue two plays its part by ramping up the storyline. Krayt and Cade each find themselves posturing fate for an eventful meeting; both seeking death. This course of a lethal dejarik game accurately sums up the three plot lines in this issue. Beside Cade and Krayt, Antares Draco is fighting a losing game against his ex-master-turned-Sith, Darth Havok. Lastly, as portrayed on the cover, is the deadly lover’s dance between Calixte and Veed.

Cade brings in several parties to ramp up the action. Above the planet Falleen we get an aerial battle involving Krayt’s Imperials, Rogue Squadron, and the Mynock. Continuing the recent trend, Cade once again goes into battle with his old Jedi Master Sazen at his side. When all is said and done, Cade finds himself in deals with both Stazi and Vedo the Hutt. Stazi tries to move Cade in his own game of dejarik, but Cade makes it known that the only piece he’s interested in is Krayt.

Master and apprentice back in action.

Meanwhile the reader gets a break from the action via two prisoners: Darth Maladi, and Antares Draco. In Imperial Remnant hands, Darth Maladi’s appearance brings about some very good art that truly captures her desperation, confusion, vulnerability, and madness. On the other side the Sith have Draco on the verge of breaking. Both characters further develop the game moves that Krayt is making to ensnare Cade once again.

Maladi has been in better shape, but never quite so wonderfully portrayed.

The heart of the issue is truly the traitorous lover’s quarrel between Moff Calixte and Moff Veed. In true spy-like fashion, they both learn that the other is out to get them. Like spies they end up in a brief, violent spout of action that ends with an uncertain but grim fate. Yet like Maladi and Draco, this plays into Cade and Krayt’s epic game.

Such a deadly dance between spies.

Bouncing between action and maneuvering plots, issue two does a good job of hooking the reader with the story. The art continues to be splendid, but it takes a backseat to the story. With Krayt setting up a massive play to regain his power in the galaxy, and with further cryptic details revealed about his new vision, War is set to ensnare the reader’s interest and succeeds.

Altogether, War #2 was a solid issue without any fault. I give it five out of five brass bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren

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