Legacy 2, # 6: Sith Vs. Sith

legacy 2 #6

Script: Corinna Bechko & Gabriel Hardman
Art: Brian Albert Thiess
Colors: Rachelle Rosenberg
Lettering: Michael Heisler
Cover Art: Livio Ramondelli

Ania Solo just wanted to make a couple of quick credits form a salvaged lightsaber and return to running her lunar junkyard.  Instead she and her Mon Calamari friend Sauk — with the help of the decommissioned assassin droid AG-37 and the brash young Imperial Knight Jao Assam — saved Master Yalta Val from the renegade Sith Darth Wredd.

Though victorious, the heroes paid a heavy price.  Jao and AG-37 were gravely injured, while Ania and Sauk are fugitives from the Carreras System — the only place Ania has ever called home.

Worse, Darth Wredd escaped.  Unexpectedly, however, the Sith warrior has not gone into hiding …

The Plot: Intent on re-establishing the rule of two, Darth Wredd starts his campaign of killing off One Sith lords who’ve inserted themselves into positions of power.  He isn’t hiding his actions, and the Triumvirate on Coruscant understand what his motives are.  Since Wredd is doing their job for them, for the time being, they agree to not pursue him.

Ania, along with Master Val, Sauk, AG-37 and a badly injured Jao Assam are rescued by an Imperial star destoyer.  While Jao is recovering in a bacta tank, Ania agrees to meeting with Empress Marasiah on Coruscant.  Draco Antares orders Yalta Val to not pursue Wredd and reassigns him to Prefect of the Empire’s training facilities where he’ll seek out new recruits.  Sauk and a newly repaired AG-37 team up, with Sauk now an engineer.  While in the bacta tank Jao has a vision of Wredd killing Empress Marasiah.  When he shares the vision with Yalta Val, Val is disturbed, but despite his misgivings, he orders Assam to follow orders to return to Coruscant for recuperation.  Jao consults Ania and they decide to take a ship and go after Darth Wredd themselves.  That decision appears to not turn out so well, but time — and the next issue — will tell.

The Good: It may have taken five issues to do it, but I’m really on board with this story, and these characters.

I love the curveball of a former One Sith out to reestablish the Rule of Two, and now I want to see how this is impacting that bunch of Sith.  Wredd’s either a genius or an ego-maniacal Force user (okay, he’s a Sith.  That’s a given), but he’s certainly gets props from me for not covering his tracks.

Jao Assam and Ania: depending on your point of view, they’re either really good or really bad for each other.  They certainly influence each other to do what’s definitely not in their own best interests, but is definitely the right thing to do.  I’m wondering if Jao will be the means for exposing what is probably the Imperial Knights biggest flaw — loyalty to a ruler above loyalty to the Force.  Yeah, yeah I know they serve the ruler as long as the ruler serves the Force, but we’ve already seen how well that works.

The Iffy: The art has improved somewhat, but it’s still lacking.  While there’s more detail in panels where there are one or two characters interacting, panels with groups of characters are generic and without individuality, particularly the humans.  I miss the elegance and detail Jan Duursema brought to the characters in Legacy.

The Bad: Once again, I’ve got nothing bad in regards to this issue.  I liked all of it, just some of it a little less so.

Conclusion: A good solid lead into the second arc of Legacy 2.

I give this issue 5/5 metal bikinis.

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