‘Injustice: Gods Among Us #6’

Injustice: Gods Among Us #6

Writer: Tom Taylor
Pencilers: Mike S. Miller (pages 1-10), David Yardin (pages 11-20), and Jheremy Raapack (pages 21-30)
Inkers: Mike S. Miller (pages 1-10), Jheremy Raapack (pages 21-30), Le Beau Underwood (pages 22-25, 27, 28, 30), Jonas Trindade (pages 21 and 29), and David Yardin (page 26)
Colorists: Alejandro Sanchez (pages 1-10, 21-30) and Andrew Elder (11-20)
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Cover Artist: Mico Suayan (colors by Santi Casas)

Injustice: Gods Among Us #6 kills off another major character and packs in a few laughs, but not without a lot of flaws. This issue is very much a mixed bag. Some of it is good and some of it is bad. So let’s start with the good.

The issue kicks off with the big battle royale at Arkham Asylum. This ten page section of the story covers a battle with Grundy, the death of Batman’s son, and a graphic use of Superman as a human bullet. Storywise, I can’t say that I really liked the human bullet version of Superman or Robin acting like a jerk. The death of another major character also fell a little flat for me this time, though this is probably more of an issue of me not being that deeply entrenched in Batman lore. There’s certainly a history between the character and Batman, but it’s not one I’m familiar with, and thus the impact just wasn’t there for me. That said, the art for this section was pretty good with some nice coloring.

The next section of the comic focuses on Catwoman. The art continues to be pretty good, but the story takes a turn that I really didn’t like. There’s a lot of real world politics and commentary that pops up in dialog and narrative for the rest of the issue. Personally, when I read a book or comic, I’m looking for escapism. I get enough politics in real life. Seeing it here just threw me out of the story. It didn’t work for me at all. That aside, Catwoman runs into Superman and rather surprisingly, they don’t fight each other. This leads to the final chunk of the issue.

The final section of the comic continues the Catwoman storythread as she hooks up with Batman and they have a meeting with President of the United States. Basically he asks Batman to take out Superman, and Batman and Catwoman tell the President what a lousy job he’s doing. Batman and Catwoman then begin putting together a special team to take on Superman. The art is pretty bad for this section. The coloring is odd, the art is a little bland, and overall it just isn’t very good looking. Combined with some more real world political commentary, the third section turned out to be the weakest part of the entire series.

While this issue started out good, it ended rather awfully. The last few scenes provide some hope that the next issue will be a lot better, but for this issue, I’m giving this one a two out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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