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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Blabba the Hutt: Episode 30 starts pre-Rogue One and without Kate as they talk in the pub before the movie, then it cuts to Jamie in the car on the ride home as he provides his reactions after having seen it twice. Spoiler free.

Blast Points: Episode 53 is their pre-Rogue One episode as they talk Beezer Fortuna, Wheezer, 8 foot tall Snoke puppet, the Rogue One red carpet premiere, Crystal Skull, Rogue One plans, and they ponder how intelligent the wampa on Hoth was. Nice episode with no spoilers.

Blast Points: Episode 54 kicks off with the jokes as they begin their Rogue One episode and the Star Wars love. They touch on the idea of Rogue One being the core of a new trilogy bookended by Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, they talk about how the film reflects the aesthetic shifts as it goes from a ROTS feel to ANH feel by the end of the film, they cover the music, a lot of scene-by-scene discussion, the locations, the characters, Vader becoming Dracula and much more. Lots of humor and lots of fun make this the best Rogue One discussion I’ve listened to so far. I making this one my pick of the week. Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

MidAmeriCon II “Changing the Medium” Panel

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I almost missed out on this panel, but I’m glad I didn’t. The “Changing the Medium” panel at MidAmeriCon II featured authors Martha Wells and William C. Dietz as well as guests Gary Kloster, Christopher Kastensmidt and moderator Monica Valentinelli. Each of the guests on the panel shared some excellent insights on the writing business with a focus on writing in different mediums. This included tie-in work, novelizations and working with games, be it a tabletop game like Pathfinder or video games like Halo and Mass Effect. It was a very cool panel and I managed to get the first 12 minutes of it on video, and I’ve also got the audio for the full panel. Enjoy!

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Book Review: ‘Five By Five 2: No Surrender’

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Five sci-fi novellas by five sci-fi authors is what Five By Five 2: No Surrender is all about. This anthology pulls together authors Aaron Allston, Kevin J. Anderson, William C. Dietz, Brad R. Torgersen and R.M. Meluch for a collection of entertaining stories. Click here to check out our full review.

Five By Five 2: No Surrender is available in eBook formats (KindleKoboNook,Smashwords) and in print.

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‘Five By Five 2: No Surrender’

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Five By Five 2: No Surrender is the sequel anthology to Five By Five. This anthology features authors Kevin J. Anderson, Aaron Allston, William C. Dietz, Brad R. Torgersen and R.M. Meluch. There are five novellas in the collection.

  • LEGIO PATRIA NOSTRA—by William C. Dietz. The insectoid Ramanthians have occupied Earth, and the Confederacy of Sentient Beings needs assistance from the xenophobic Hudathans in order to survive.  But some Hudathan relics have been stolen, and the Hudathans won’t join the Confederacy unless Legion Captain Deacon Smith can get them back.  And that’s going to be difficult because the thieves are ex-legionnaires—and they have a platoon of heavily armed cyborgs! A Legion of the Damned® story.
  • PRISONER OF WAR—by Kevin J. Anderson. Set in the world of Harlan Ellison’s classic Outer Limits episode “Soldier,” this is a tale about a set of warriors in a never-ending future war, men bred for nothing but the battleground—and how they cope with the horrors of…peace.
  • REARDON’S LAW—by Brad R. Torgersen. When expensive, classified shipments of military hardware go missing, Conflux Armed Forces policewoman Kalliope Reardon is called in to work the case.  She gets way more than she bargained for, as the trail takes her far outside the boundaries of the civilized galaxy, and into the heart of occupied enemy territory.
  • DAGGER TEAM SEVEN—by R.M. Meluch.  The evidence is clear and damning—A.C. Cade was a fraud. Cade’s son makes himself into the man he used to believe his father was—a pilot of an elite Dagger Team, defending Earth against a desperate alien invader which has no use for humankind and absolutely nothing to lose.
  • COFFEE BLACK SEA—by Aaron Allston. The saga of the Dollgangers from “Big Plush” (Five by Five Vol. 1) continues. Bow, BeeBee, Lina, and new ’gangers escalate the risks of their quest for survival…by turning their eyes to the stars.

Five By Five 2: No Surrender is available in eBook formats for just $4.99 (Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Smashwords) and in print.


Around the Web

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And here’s this week’s news.


Star Wars Artist Dave Dorman is having a July sale on many of his best Star Wars prints. Pick two for $100 or go crazy and buy them all.


Author Aaron Allston has finished his second short story for Time Traveled Tales which has surpassed its initial goals and almost all of its stretch goals. There’s still time to get in, so don’t hesitate to add your pledge. Aaron also teased the cover image for Five By Five 2: No Surrender which will feature short stories by him, Kevin J. Anderson, William C. Dietz, Brad R. Torgersen and R. M. Meluch. Continue Reading Around the Web…

‘Five By Five’ Gets a Sequel

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Kevin J. Anderson and Aaron Allston have revealed some news lately on a sequel to their sci-fi anthology Five By Five. Simply called Five By Five 2 right now, the new anthology will feature five sci-fi stories by five different authors. For Star Wars fans, the extra cool factor is that most of the authors are Star Wars authors. The lineup for Five By Five 2 includes authors: Kevin J. Anderson, Aaron Allston, William C. Dietz, R.M. Meluch and Brad R. Torgersen. According to Kevin, it should be out in about a month.

If you haven’t read the first anthology yet, it’s now available in paperback, digital and audiobook formats. It’s a really good read and has one of the best Allston stories I’ve ever read (click here to read our review). For Five By Five 2, Aaron will be continuing his story with “Coffee Black Sea”.

“Coffee Black Sea” continues the story of the Dollgangers from “Big Plush.” Bow, BeeBee, and others grapple with the question of ‘ganger survival on… and off… their world. -Aaron Allston

Aaron also mentioned that Five By Five 2 will be the first follow-up in what will now be a series, which is very cool to hear. As always, we’ll keep you updated as new news comes out.

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More Fiction from Aaron Allston

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Aaron Allston has announced another anthology he’ll be in this year, Shadows of the New Sun, which will feature his new novelette “Epistoleros.” According to Aaron:

My story, “Epistoleros,” is a novelette set in an alternate-universe, late-19th-century Texas. Though not directly connected with any of Gene Wolfe’s settings, it explores themes that Gene has dealt with. Of course, what it took me about 16,000 words to accomplish, Gene could probably have managed in 3,000… but that’s just the way things are.

Shadows of the New Sun will also feature stories by familiar Star Wars authors Timothy Zahn, Michael A. Stackpole, and William C. Dietz. Aaron has a complete list of all the authors and short story titles on his blog.

In other Allston news, the Five By Five sci-fi anthology will be getting audiobook treatment, and Aaron mentioned that he has offers for five more anthologies.

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