Happy Birthday, Waru

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Today we wish a special birthday to Waru. Nineteen years ago today, Waru was brought to life amidst the pages of Vonda N. McIntyre’s The Crystal Star. The 309 page hardcover was a New York Times bestseller, and for good or bad, Waru is well remembered to this day for his strangeness. I mean, there aren’t many characters that Han and Luke actually took a swim in. Nor have there been many who feasted on Force sensitive individuals in an attempt to return home. In a way, Waru is kind of like a maligned version of E.T., he’s just more sinister.

So in celebration of this momentous day, stop by the Church of Waru, give thanks to the author who gave him birth, or just stop by and give him a shout out on Twitter. Waru promises not to eat you…probably.

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April Fool’s: Hasbro Unveils Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Figure

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Hasbro has unveiled a new Star Wars action figure that will be available exclusively at Star Wars Celebration Europe II in Messe Essen, Germany this July. The figure will be available only at Hasbro’s Star Wars panel on Saturday July 27th. The figure will be the last of the vintage line printed on a beautiful vintage card back. Best of all, this is the first time this figure has ever been offered. Expanded Universe fans are sure to be happy.

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Around the Web

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In movie news this week, the 1988 film Willow was released in blu-ray for the first time. The film stars Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer, was directed by Ron Howard, and based on a story by George Lucas. If you look closely while watching the film, you might also spot Kenny Baker (R2-D2) as a Nelwyn musician.

Kick-Ass 2 has a red band trailer out now courtesy of MTV. The release date is now set for August 16th.

Star Trek fans can check out the second trailer for Star Trek: Into the Darkness. Continue Reading Around the Web…

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