New Release: ‘War Crimes’ Paperback Edition

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World of Warcraft: War Crimes by Christie Golden is out today in mass market paperback.

Now in mass-market paperback—the national bestseller and direct tie-in to the new game expansion pack Warlords of Draenor—a thrilling novel set in the universe of the record-breaking, internationally bestselling video game World of Warcraft!

The brutal siege of Orgrimmar is over. Alliance and Horde forces have stripped Garrosh Hellscream, one of the most reviled figures on Azeroth, of his title as warchief. His thirst for conquest devastated cities, nearly tore the Horde apart, and destroyed countless lives.

Now, on the legendary continent of Pandaria, he will stand trial for his transgressions. Renowned leaders from across the world have gathered to witness this historic event. As the trial unfolds, agents of the bronze dragonflight present shocking visions of Garrosh’s atrocities. For many of those in attendance, these glimpses into history force them to relive painful memories and even question their own innocence or guilt. For others, the chilling details stoke the flames of their hatred.

Unbeknownst to anyone, shadowy forces are at work on Azeroth, threatening not only the court’s ability to mete out justice…but also the lives of everyone at the trial.

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New Release: ‘War Crimes’ by Christie Golden

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world-of-warcraft-war-crimes-by-christie-goldenWorld of Warcraft: War Crimes by Christie Golden is out today in hardcover, digital and audiobook formats. Christie will be in Highlands Ranch, CO for a book signing at the Tattered Cover Book Store at 7:00 PM. For more information on War Crimes, you can check out Simon & Schuster’s official product page.

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Around the Web

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Here is this week’s Around the Web news roundup of Star Wars and beyond.

Book News

  • There is a new anthology raising money for CJ Henderson in his fight against cancer. The anthology entitled Dance Like A Monkey will features stories by authors like Kevin J. Anderson, Ed Greenwood, Rebecca Moesta, Michael A. Stackpole, Timothy Zahn and many others. Click here if you’d like to support the project and secure a copy of the book.
  • Star Wars author Jason Fry posted some interesting comments on tumblr. At least one of those Star Wars projects is a junior novel for Star Wars: Rebels.

1) One manuscript (Star Wars) given a final inspection and sent off. It’s never wise to say something’s done, but this one should now move to the “fielding occasional queries” stage.
2) One manuscript (Jupiter Pirates) worked on between errands, emails, travel plans and everything else on this list. Long way to go on this one.
3) One query answered for a third project (Star Wars), and a handful of minor changes requested. Fingers crossed, but this one might actually be done.
4) Query sent for a potential project (Star Wars). Will be interesting to see if this one becomes a reality or not. As projects come to an end, you better have new ones coming into view.

  • Christie Golden has a new World of Warcraft book coming out this May, War Crimes. has an excerpt as well.
  • “The Reach of Children” by Tim Lebbon is now available on Kindle.

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