Book Review: ‘Vanguard: Precipice’ by David Mack

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Star Trek: Vanguard: Precipice is the fifth novel in the Vanguard series by David Mack. It was released by Pocket Books in December of 2009. 

Reading the Vanguard books has been a challenging process. I read Harbinger in 2017 and did not particularly love it. I then read Summon the Thunder and Reap the Whirlwind in 2020 and liked them even less. I waited yet again until 2022 to read Open Secrets, and while I enjoyed that book more than the others, it still felt mediocre overall.

This book, however, breaks the mediocre streak and tells a really interesting story!

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Book Review: ‘Harm’s Way’ by David Mack

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Star Trek: Harm’s Way is the newest novel set in the original oeries era by David Mack. It was released by Simon and Schuster’s Gallery Books imprint in December of 2022. 

David Mack has a long and storied career with Star Trek books. He has written over 30 in his tenure there, making him one of the most widely published authors along with Peter David and Dayton Ward. Along with Peter David, Mack is the one other author I’ve heard many many people call their “Favorite Star Trek Author.” 

And for good reason, because he turns in amazing books!

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