First Look at Rebels Jedi Kanan

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Rebels KananVoiced by Freddie Prinze Jr, Kanan is, as described by Dave Filoni, a cowboy Jedi.  As Prinze relates, Kanan has been massively affected by Order 66 and the attempted extinction of the Jedi culture during his formative years.

“He definitely has seen more than what a young man should see. And what he had to see was pretty much the worst thing you would have to witness.”

Prinze is also pretty stoked about portraying a Jedi and says that for people around his age “…Star Wars is in our DNA.”

You can find the entire article on USA Today.

Source: Coffee With Kenobi

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Filoni: Abrams,Ahsoka and the Bonus Content

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tcw-plo-koon-clip (1)In an exclusive to USA Today, Dave Filoni discusses TCW and the upcoming bonus content, particularly a tease regarding Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas and a Plo Koon arc.

“The Jedi have been fighting a war with an army that was commissioned by one of their own, Jedi Master Syfo-Dias, but who was Syfo-Dias, and what happened to him? The dark lord of the Sith has woven an intricate web to ensnare the Jedi, but it is not full-proof and sometimes a small clue, and a bit of chance, can lead to the unraveling of the best-laid plans.”

Filoni and his team are putting the final touches on the bonus content and he admits that it’s “bittersweet”, but they’re also pretty excited.

 “They are easily some of the best things we were able to do, and I think we’re all glad we were able to finish them.”

Dave Filoni also has some advice for director JJ Abrams — be innovative.

“That’s kind of what we have that’s special, because we grew up with it, and if there’s one thing I learned from George it’s that you take that and you channel it forward into new exciting things the audience didn’t know possible, because that’s what Star Wars always did — it always moved forward.”

(via Jedi News)

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USA Today shares Darth Maul news

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USA Today posted an article today that shares some new interesting news on the upcoming Darth Maul episodes of The Clone Wars.

In the upcoming Clone Wars arc, General Grievous launches an attack on Maul’s homeworld of Dathomir, and Mother Talzin of the Nightsisters has told Savage Opress (voiced by Clancy Brown) about Darth Maul, sending Opress on a quest to find his long-lost brother.

They also included a nice quote from Dave Filoni.

We saw the warrior, definitely. But what we weren’t as aware of was how trained Darth Maul was — not fighting using the ways of the Dark Side, but his intellect and his cunning as he learned from Darth Sidious.

The article also mentions Maul being out for revenge against Obi-Wan and no longer having his iconic double bladed lightsaber. You can read the full article here which also includes a video of Maul and his new lower half. Enjoy!

Feel free to discuss Darth Maul’s new robo legs on our forums.

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