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Aaron Allston posted a new blog update today with info on a couple of short stories he’s completed. Unfortunately both anthologies will be a bit hard to obtain. First up is “Defenders of Beeman County” which will be included in the Rayguns Over Texas sci-fi anthology which will be sold at LoneStarCon 3 in San Antonio, Texas in 2013. The anthology will have 20 short stories all done by authors in Texas. Editor Richard Klaw has posted some of the featured authors and their stories here.

The second story is “Green Room”, a superhero story set in the Strike Force universe. It’s set to be a part of the Time-Traveled Tales follow up anthology at Origins Game Fair. According to Allston this “is the first story I’ve written in which most of the narrative consists of two old men sitting in recliners arguing with one another. No, really.”

If you’re a die hard Allston fan, then good luck in tracking down these two anthologies when they come out.

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‘Time-Traveled Tales’: Origins Exclusive?

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Author Aaron Allston posted on his blog that he and several other authors got together to make a special short story anthology entitled Time-Traveled Tales. One of the things that makes this anthology so special is that it will be on sale at the Origins Game Fair this month, and possibly nowhere else. The trade paperback is 197 pages long and will be selling for $10. It includes stories by Aaron Allston, Michael A. Stackpole, Timothy Zahn, and many others.

Keep in mind that this book is intended as a convention souvenir. If you are a diehard Allston, Stackpole, or Zahn fan, this may be your only opportunity to get the book. You can find more details here including a full list of all the authors and the names of their stories.

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